Industry Insights

Industry Insights

Fortified Edible Oils Market - Growing Nutritional Deficiencies Among People to Upsurge Industry Demand

Fortified edible oils are the oils which are enriched with additional micronutrients. Fortified edible oils contain an adequate concentration of added fat-soluble vitamins such as vitamin A, D, E, and others. Fortified edible oils are the intervention made by government regulations to cope with the complication of undernourishment. As fortified edible oils are enriched with essential micronutrients, they are used to intensify the vitamin levels in the human body. Fortified

GCC and Qatar Cooking Oil Market Set to Encounter Paramount Growth with Myriad Advances

The GCC and Qatar cooking oil market is characterized by a high degree of consolidation with key companies, namely Savola Group, United Foods Company, and Emirates Refining Company Ltd holding close to seventy five percent share in 2015. In this intensely competitive market, key companies are aggressively engaged in research and development to introduce new line of cooking oils loaded with nutritional value. Extensive promotional activities are carried out to

Vanilla Market : Rising Usage of Vanilla in Bakery Products to Amplify Industry Demand

Vanilla is a flavour obtained from the orchids of the species vanilla, mostly from the Madagascar species. The three most important species of vanilla grown are Mexican vanilla, which is bold and dark with tones of smoke, Madagascar vanilla, which is rich and creamy, and Beanilla vanilla, which is a blend of Bourbon and Tahitian Vanilla. A majority of the vanilla present in the market is the Madagascar vanilla, which

Dried Fruits Market - Growing Health Concerned Generation to Bolster Industry Demand

Increasing Popularity of Dried Fruits as Snacks for the Health Concerned Generation Healthy eating has come up as a driving factor in the food market across all sectors. The dried fruits market is driven by the ‘let’s eat healthy’ trend, as dried fruits are considered to be highly nutritious and healthy snacks. There has been an increase in the use of dried fruits as a regular snack to be had

Sweet Whey Powder Market - Emerge as Attractive Pace 2028

The sweet whey powder is obtained by spray-drying the fresh whey liquid. The whey liquid is obtained from during the manufacturing of cheese. There can be two sources from which the sweet whey powder can be obtained. One is during the cheese pressing of the cheeses such as mozzarella, cheddar, and Swiss cheese. The other is when using rennet for cheese making. The other cheese types result in the making

Distillers Corn Oil Market – A Popular Feedstock for Biodiesel in the Recent Years

The distillers corn oil is the main by-product of the ethanol production from the maize grain. This by-product was initially used in the animal feed. This is because the distillers corn oil is a rich source of linoleic acid, an essential fatty acid, and is thus used as a fat feed in the poultry and swine industry. But, nowadays the distillers corn oil has become a popular feedstock for the

Extra Coarse Salt Market - Food and Beverages Industries have Emerged Growth

Extra coarse salt is a crystalline sodium chloride manufactured by solar evaporation of the brine. These salts are also high in calcium, magnesium, and iron in comparison with refined salts. This salt obtained is then processed. This is done by washing the salt with clean brine to strip it off of impurities. The salt is then drained from excess moisture and dried. They are then screened to size and are

Trend of Specialty Pressure-Sensitive Tapes to Propel Growth of the Tapes and Labels Market

The tapes and labels are extensively used in packaging of boxes, bottles, and folding purposes which is boosting its adoption and likely to propel growth of the tapes and labels market. Additionally, from past few years, the manufacturers are using the tapes and labels for advertisements purposes which is again fuelling growth of the global tapes and labels market. In addition, the growing research and development activities in order to

Widening Applications of Diamond Coatings in Numerous End-use Industries to be Beneficial for Growth of Market

Diamond coatings are attracting numerous end-use industries owing to abrasive, shaping, cutting, and finishing tools. Also, the properties such as highest temperature and electric resistivity and low thermal expansion are favoring to boost adoption by widening usage of diamond coating in numerous end-use industries which is likely to propel the growth of the market. Additionally, growing research and development (R&D) is further making the coating suitable to be used in

Growing Automotive Industry to Offer Lucrative Opportunities for Growth of the Friction Modifiers Market

Friction modifiers are generally known as boundary lubrication additives which acts as oil soluble chemicals while mixed as additives in lube oils. These are the synthetic fatty acids, esters, and few solid materials. These additives boost transmission and internal combustion engines. These lubricants reduces the wear and friction in machine and one of the important component for lubricating the solid surfaces which are in contact and can lead to friction