Eye Cancer can Now be Detected by the New Blood Test

Cancer is the deadliest disorder one can have. Once the cancer cells spread out in the body, there is nothing one can do. The patient eventually drifts away and finally loses the battle of its life. According to studies, each year more than 2 million people lose their life due to cancer. The worst part is, doctors, can not predict when cancer will occur and spread in the body. However,


The over 200 conditions affecting joints are impacting some 54 million adults and 300000 children. This makes arthritis a pressing issue for the scientific community to deal with. And, Oregon State University provides insights into the cellular levels look into afflicted joints.  About the Study – Background and Significance Arthritis is an expensive and debilitating condition and in the United States alone, this affects 1/4th of the adult population. And,

Secrets of Longer Life Unveiled From Wrinkles of a Worm

A team of researchers states secrets of a healthier and longer life is available in wrinkles of Caenorhabditis elegans. The nematode is a transparent microscopic worm dwelling in the soil. Though, being a worm, the nematode has many genetic resemblances with mammals specifically humans. As per the study, the nervous system of the nematode controls the skin like exterior of the worm. This membrane protects the worm from getting an

Decoding the Human Brain: Charting the Next Big Territory in BCI

Decoding the Human Brain: Charting the Next Big Territory in BCI Human brain is a peculiar organ, forever keeping scientists hooked. A group of researchers from Max Planck Institute for Human Cognitive and Brain Sciences Leipzig recently conducted an interesting study. In these efforts, they were joined by researchers from Public University of Navarre, and TU Berlin. About the Study: Studies show that brain activity occurs even when people think

Researchers Prove Prospects of Meditation

When we are kids, we dream of a big world for ourselves. This usually means being the best fighter pilot out there or a ton of other dreams. However, as we grow older, the real world humbles most of us! Then we start seeking a path of achieving perfection by improving concentration and making ourselves less error-prone. Researchers from University of Michigan have proven that meditation can be the difference

Scientists Identify the Memory Storing Neurons in Humans

Scientists at Columbia University School of Engineering and Applied Science have pinpointed the specific neurons responsible for memory. To locate these neurons, neuro engineers did an in-depth study of the patients with electrode implants in the brain. To derive the result, the researcher took the help of virtual reality technology. They examined the patient’s brain activities while they were looking at VR memory video. The study allowed the viewers to