Internet of Things – The Smart Way to Smarten-up Cities?

Data plays a crucial role in analyzing patterns, habits and feeding machine learning systems. And, some companies are clearly making a mark in the world using clean technologies. For instance, Hudson Yards and Sidewalk Labs’ project are changing the way cities operate in a big way. Here it is pertinent to note that while the former is from New York, the latter is in Toronto. These test cases use data

Zero Gravity - The Robotic Takeover of China’s Satellite Building World

China is onto a robotic revolution. Working towards furthering advances in space, China is developing robotic arms. And, these are smooth, winning them the epithet of “Zero Gravity.” Besides, they work in total sync with humans. Functioning of Robotic Arms Explained: These use Artificial Intelligence (AI) and advanced sensors to perform heavy duty tasks. Together, these two components enable the arm to grip and lift. This information comes from the

Eye Cancer can Now be Detected by the New Blood Test

Cancer is the deadliest disorder one can have. Once the cancer cells spread out in the body, there is nothing one can do. The patient eventually drifts away and finally loses the battle of its life. According to studies, each year more than 2 million people lose their life due to cancer. The worst part is, doctors, can not predict when cancer will occur and spread in the body. However,

Ascent of the Internet of Things – a lowdown

Internet of things (IoT) devices are here and may already have outnumbered humans. IoT is proliferating at a rapid pace. The number of IoT devices likely to reach 125 billion in the next decade. So much so, IoT devices are likely to revolutionize the way individuals operate. It is poised to revolutionize in the current societal digital transformation scenario. Meanwhile, control of individuals in the mega explosion of internet connected

Workplace Optimization

Diversity is key to improved results, experts say. And, this is particularly so in work environments. Here, technology plays a pretty vital role. Why, one may ask? The answer to this is that it not just helps in building relationships but also in carving out career paths. Thus, it comes as no surprise that the Ministry of Defense (MoD) is directing efforts towards inclusivity in the workforce. There is a


The over 200 conditions affecting joints are impacting some 54 million adults and 300000 children. This makes arthritis a pressing issue for the scientific community to deal with. And, Oregon State University provides insights into the cellular levels look into afflicted joints.  About the Study – Background and Significance Arthritis is an expensive and debilitating condition and in the United States alone, this affects 1/4th of the adult population. And,

Green Fuel

Researchers from University of California and Illinois have brought the world a step closer to using hydrogen fuel as a green fuel. The scientists have discovered 10 elements that make up the active sites within the enzyme. They are on the hunt to discover the last part of the puzzle – the 11th element. Hydrogen fuel has shown tremendous promise as an alternative to fossil fuel. These are far cleaner

Choosing the Right AI Model – An Executive’s Guide

It is no surprise that AI is transforming how businesses operate. But, what most CIOs forget is that it is not a magic wand. Thus, the clamor for quick results need containment. For one, it is a long road, and with many bumps. And, to ensure AI results are encouraging, it is crucial to figure which models truly fit the bill. Thinking of one size fits all? Well, time to

Science Can Redefine the Fuel Market

The fossil fuel reserves are depleting at a rapid scale today. They are exhausting at a scale wherein next 20 years, there shall be none remaining for the use. This, as a result, stimulates the scientists to develop devices that can harness the energy from non-exhaustible sources. Wind and biomass have been the flag bearer a renewable source of energy and are providing impeccable results. However, these sources are unable

Secrets of Longer Life Unveiled From Wrinkles of a Worm

A team of researchers states secrets of a healthier and longer life is available in wrinkles of Caenorhabditis elegans. The nematode is a transparent microscopic worm dwelling in the soil. Though, being a worm, the nematode has many genetic resemblances with mammals specifically humans. As per the study, the nervous system of the nematode controls the skin like exterior of the worm. This membrane protects the worm from getting an