Hydrogen Generation Market

Worldwide Demand For Hydrogen Generation Exhibits An Impressive Growth Trajectory Of 7.5% CAGR By 2029

Key Segments

– By Technology : Coal Gasification Steam Methane Reforming Others – By System : Merchant Captive – By Application : Methanol Production Ammonia Production Petroleum Refining – By Region : North America Latin America Europe East Asia South Asia & Oceania Middle East & Africa

Key Players

– Teledyne Energy System – Proton Onsite – Nuvera Fuel Cells – Hygear – Erredue – Claind – Caloric – Ballard Power Systems – Ally Hi-Tech

“Surging demand for ammonia and methanol production will uphold the demand for hydrogen generation processes. Disruptive innovations such as solar hydrogen generation using water electrolysis or direct solar water splitting will differentiate product offerings of hydrogen generation companies.”-Says Fact.MR Analyst

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