Influenced by COVID-19 Pandemic, Aerostructure EquipmentMarket to Grow 1.5 Times in the Coming Years

Aerostructure Equipment Market

Innovations in Aerostructure Equipment Market to Gather Pace, as Manufacturers Resonate ‘Lightweight’ Trends

Nanotechnology Assisting the Development of Lightweight Materials

The global aerospace industry considered to be one of the most important heavy industries in the world upon which several companies rely on the ability to transport both products and people around the world. However, along with substantial economic values, the global aerostructure equipment market combines huge resource consumption with one of the largest carbon footprint on the planet.

Increase in Passenger Mobility to Create Lucrative Opportunities

According to the International Air Transport Association (IATA), in 2017 there were about 4.1 billion air travelers with the most traffic from the Asia Pacific region. With air travel booming around the world as people continue to migrate for better economic opportunity, the global aerostructure equipment market is expected to soar exponentially.

Evolution of 3D Printing Technology Favoring Market Growth

A prominent vendor within the aerostructure equipment market, CPI Aerostructures, proving aerostructure equipment subassemblies almost exclusively for military aircraft, have added a FDM 3D printer bypassing traditional tooling solutions.


Based on component type, the global aerostructure equipment market is segmented into: – Automated Production Fastening Systems – Automated Production Composite Systems – Automated Assembly Station / Lines Systems Based on aircraft body type, the global aerostructure equipment market is segmented into: – Narrow Body Aircraft ASE – Wide Body Aircraft ASE – Helicopter ASE

Competition Dashboard: Key Developments In Aerostructure Equipment Market