Internet of Things

Internet of Things – The Smart Way to Smarten-up Cities?

Data plays a crucial role in analyzing patterns, habits and feeding machine learning systems. And, some companies are clearly making a mark in the world using clean technologies. For instance, Hudson Yards and Sidewalk Labs’ project are changing the way cities operate in a big way. Here it is pertinent to note that while the former is from New York, the latter is in Toronto. These test cases use data

Ascent of the Internet of Things – a lowdown

Internet of things (IoT) devices are here and may already have outnumbered humans. IoT is proliferating at a rapid pace. The number of IoT devices likely to reach 125 billion in the next decade. So much so, IoT devices are likely to revolutionize the way individuals operate. It is poised to revolutionize in the current societal digital transformation scenario. Meanwhile, control of individuals in the mega explosion of internet connected