Privacy Policy

We at Tech You n Me want our readers to fully understand the Privacy Policy of this website and acquaint themselves with the gathering and usage of any and all forms of personal information. Since you, the readers, have visited this site, it is a given that you comply with the terms and conditions listed below. The data presented on this website is aimed at a general audience, with no focus whatsoever on a particular age group, race, ethnicity, or gender. The privacy policy of Tech You n Me is centered on the collection and use of personal information of the readers, which may include the reader’s full name or personal email address. The policy also deals with the site’s practices as far as handling information is concerned. 

Collecting Information 

The Tech You n Me team and our numerous service providers assemble the following details about you and from you:

Data with respect to your activities: This refers to details pertaining to browser type, geolocation data, IP address, and transactional data. Each time you visit our site, whether from a mobile device or a desktop computer, information pertaining to your browsing activities is gathered. Almost all browsers are, by default, designed to accept cookies; however, these settings can be altered if you want to limit or block them. 

Details submitted by you: This information includes your name, gender, email address, and zip code. These details are submitted by you so you may receive newsletters and notifications. 

Information used by third-party service providers: Most third-party service providers deploy tracking technologies that can allow them to collect and store data about your activities on Tech You n Me. Our site does not hold any control over how these techniques are used to gather information or how the data is used.

Tracking technologies: The tracking technologies used on Tech You n Me allow us to assemble information with the help of browser cookies, beacons, and pixels, among others. This information may be with respect to ads viewed, pages browsed, and search queries. 

Data gathered from other sources: In addition to the aforementioned sources, data may also be gathered from publicly available sources such as business partners and social media sites.


At Tech You n Me we make sure that the data gathered about you and from you is via safe and authentic techniques. Our goal is to safeguard your personal details against unauthorized changes, usage, or disclosure, or from loss and theft. However, we cannot offer complete guarantee regarding the same.

User Access and Control

In case you want to update, limit, alter, review, or correct the way we use your personal data, you can do so by filling out the request form. State your name, contact number, email address, and message clearly and we will get back to you.

Data Usage and Disclosure

The data that is gathered from you or about you is primarily used to better the website and its features, to make the content you view more personalized, to ensure the information and news presented to you is of your interest, and to respond to your queries and feedback. If this information does not identify you as a specific person, it may be shared with third parties in certain instances.

The data collected may also be used in instances, including but not limited to:

In order to enable a merger or sale of assets: If Tech You n Me decides to sell the whole or part of the business, is involved in a merger, is transferring all or part of its enterprise, or is selling or transferring its assets, the data collated by us may need to be transferred to the parties involved.

For continued communication: Tech You n Me may send you timely notifications or reading material related to the site. In case you do not want us to send such mails, you can remove your name from our mailing list through the appropriate channel. However, there are certain mails that you will not be able to opt out of, such as those pertaining to changes in our policies or on the website.

In order to help service providers manage our website: The data we collect from you and about you may be provided to a number of third-party service providers so they can effectively manage our site. These parties may include agents, sponsors, or contractors.

To safeguard the website and its rights: There may be instances where we may need to disclose your data in order to safeguard user privacy, to protect ourselves from fraud and risks, to preserve our legal rights, to comply with legal proceedings, and to respond to queries from government bodies or the public.

Other Key Points

Linked Services: Similar to other news sites, Tech You n Me may be connected to websites that are operated by unaffiliated entities or entities that offer newsletters, functionalities, applications, or content maintained by unaffiliated parties. Readers are advised to peruse the privacy policies of such companies carefully once they have left our website. 

Sensitive Information: It is our humble request that our readers not disclose to us any kind of personal information they may consider sensitive, either on the website or in any other way. This data could be one’s political or religious affiliations, social security number, health or criminal background, and others. 

Retaining Data: At Tech You n Me we have the right to retain your personal data for so long as we see fit to fulfill the company’s intent. Moreover, visitors should know that certain contractual, technical, financial, or legal limitations might not allow us to completely remove the data provided by you or collected by us. 

Updates to Privacy Policy: We may update this privacy policy from time to time and any and all changes will reflect on the website.

In case of any queries pertaining to Tech You n Me’s privacy policy, feel free to get in touch with us at