Industry 4.0: Transformation through Immersive Tech

Immersive technology is undoubtedly the future; it is clearly visible in the boom of extended reality. While it is big in the gaming world for obvious reasons, it is noteworthy that even smartphone apps like snapchat are dabbling with it. Additionally, there are theme parks trying the technology for attracting a larger audience to its fold. And, thus it surprises none that by 2023, immersive technologies will be a USD

Old Meets New: Scientists Merge AI with 400 Year Old Microscopy

Study of human cell’s behavior is one of the most daunting studies for any researcher. This is because of the uncertainty of the cell’s reaction to any drug. This is the very reason that makes drug development is so difficult. Additionally, the complexity posed by the uniqueness of cells in different bodies also makes the task a bit more daunting. However, researchers from the National Institute of Standards and Technology

Smart Toilets to Conduct Urine Testing Are Here!

Yes, smart technology is making its way in every aspect of our life. However, technology like smart wearable and smartphones can only go so far. These devices often do not have access to in-depth information about us. So perhaps, smart toilets are the way to better monitor health. This is what scientists at Wisconsin-Madison and Morgridge Institute of Research believe. They conducted urine tests using smart toilets over a 10-day

Tackling Biases in AI - Applause’s Novel Solution to a Classic Woe

Like human kind, machine learning is prone to biases. But, good news is that these type of biases are identifiable. And, this is exactly what a team of testing specialists from Applause presented recently.  Besides, it does not just help remove biases but also provides data for better training. About Applause: It is a massive community of testers that is global in its membership scope. And, the members test apps

Building Biologically Active Compounds Using Light

Certain biologically active compounds contain isoquinuclidine, a chemical structure containing nitrogen. And, these compounds are inclusive of synthetic drugs. Here, it is worthy to note that the certain aspects of the structure. First and foremost, it is three-dimensional and that allows interaction with proteins and enzymes more favorably than with two-dimensional molecules. But, certain drawbacks associated with making isoquinuclidines and dehyrdoisoquinuclidines make discovery of new medicinal compounds tough. But, thanks

Electronic Sniffers to Determine the Health of the Dogs

Dogs are the most loyal animal humans can have as a pet. Once you give them your heart and they’ll protect it till their last breath. However, it gets difficult for humans to determine the health of these animals. For instance, if a dog gets infected by a sandfly, it is a daunting task to determine its health. The worst part is, this infection can transfer to humans which results

Artificial Intelligence - Hitting the Bull’s Eye in Business Operations

The all-pervasive Artificial intelligence is the talk of the business circles and for obvious reasons. Not only is it a problem solving tool, but also it is growing by leaps and bounds. Besides, it provides organizations the panacea to woes related to human involvement such a time used. Additionally, it removes known decision making fallacies with some ease. Thus, it does not come as a surprise that role of business

Voice Technology and Business as Usual

Voice technology is the new cool kid on the block. With Amazon’s Alexa, and Google’s Assistant, the potential of this technology is up for everyone to see. Moreover, these big giants are betting big on voice technology and this is going to open a whole new can of opportunities and worms alike. For example, recently Amazon announced that Alexa will provide objective news on politics soon. This is not just

Decoding the Human Brain: Charting the Next Big Territory in BCI

Decoding the Human Brain: Charting the Next Big Territory in BCI Human brain is a peculiar organ, forever keeping scientists hooked. A group of researchers from Max Planck Institute for Human Cognitive and Brain Sciences Leipzig recently conducted an interesting study. In these efforts, they were joined by researchers from Public University of Navarre, and TU Berlin. About the Study: Studies show that brain activity occurs even when people think

Researchers Prove Prospects of Meditation

When we are kids, we dream of a big world for ourselves. This usually means being the best fighter pilot out there or a ton of other dreams. However, as we grow older, the real world humbles most of us! Then we start seeking a path of achieving perfection by improving concentration and making ourselves less error-prone. Researchers from University of Michigan have proven that meditation can be the difference