Our Team

1. Claude Grill: Sr. Editor

Claude Grill has shown a keen interest in using his linguistic skills and competence for developing contents for various audiences and platforms. His writing shows a good understanding of content metrics. He has been constantly honing his writing skills especially for healthcare, pharmaceutical, and medical industries. In each of his writings, he strives to demystify the complexity of recent industry happenings and trends for his readers. For more than a decade, he has been relentless in testing new ideas and writing styles for engaging them, and frequently for enlightening them.

Email: claude@factmrblog.com

2. Della Robinson: Contributor

Della is an experiential writer with her extensive travel experience in the USA, UK, and France. An avid reader of science and technology developments a, along with a masters in science, she contributes to various news sites that kindles reader’s interest asking for more.

Email: della@factmrblog.com