Sans Forgetica

It has been long any new font style has come into the market from Microsoft or any other giant company. Taking the advantage of this long abyss, a researcher’s team at Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology in Australia invented a new font – Sans Forgetica. The team has named the font as Sans Forgetica. The font is likely to engage you more while writing, apart from these, the team is


The fastest emergence of wearable devices is encouraging numerous studies conducted for the development of charging systems of wearable devices. A team from the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST) has developed permanent and wireless self-charging systems for low-power devices near-infrared (NIR) band radiation to electrical energy. The recently developed technology can be useful in the charging system of flexible and wearable devices. Colloidal-quantum-dots (CQDs) are promising materials

First Crewed SpaceX Mission Set to Launch in June 2019, Says NASA

A recent announcement from NASA confirms first crewed flight of SpaceX rocket to the International Space Station (ISS) to take place in June 2019. It will be the first manned mission by the US, since the retirement of its space shuttle program in 2011, said NASA. Further, a flight on Boeing spacecraft is anticipated to follow in August 2019. According to NASA, the schedule for both launches has been postponed

Molecular Programming Language

Synthetic biology is considered as one of those area which is new and if explored and researched properly could open up mysteries in various fields such as medicine, nanofabrication, and biology. One of the major restrain faced in the market is the embedding computation in molecular contexts. Situations such as were electronic micro controllers is failing to insert are likely to cause roadblock. In order to pursue this, progress in

Adam Mosseri

Instagram’s co-founders Kevin Systrom and Mike Kreiger will be succeeded by Adam Mosseri, Instagram’s Vice President of Product and a long-time Facebook executive. Following the sudden exit of co-founders in September, Facebook on Monday appointed Adam Mosseri as the new head. Mosseri started his career as a designer who worked at TokBox and founded a design consultancy in 2003 with offices in San Francisco and New York. The company was

Security Breach

Numerous companies are investing millions to improve cyber-security to ensure safety and reduce cyber-attacks and security breach. One of the social media giants such as Facebook is also investing to improve cyber-security to ensure the safety of their nearly 50 million users from criminal hackers. Last November, Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of the Facebook told investors that it will be investing to improve cyber-security, but it is a necessary component for

Photonic Nanostructures

‘Nano-SIPPE’, the HZB (Helmholtz-Zentrum Berlin) Young Investigator Group, led by Professor Christiane Becker is working on the development of photonic nanostructures that can act as optical sensors for biomolecules and cancer markers. When photonic nanostructures meet particular conditions and match the wavelength of incident light, they can largely increase the sensitivity of optical sensors. Researchers are using machine learning and computer simulations to optimize the design of such nanostructures. In

Robotic Skins Can Animate Regular Objects and Actuate Unpredictable Space Missions

Research published in the journal ‘Science Robotics’ states how robotic skins can turn inanimate objects to robots. The robotic skins are elastic sheets embedded with sensors which can be used over a surface of any objects to perform different tasks. Rebecca Kramer-Bottiglio, assistant professor of mechanical engineering and materials science in Yale University developed the new robotic skin technology in partnership with NASA. Although the skins were designed without assigning a

Amazon’s Scout Experiment Offers Tailored Product Recommendation Based on ‘Like’ and ‘Dislike’

Personalization is a key growth aspects of any e-commerce site. According to a report from CNBC, Amazon is testing an AI driven shopping site ‘Scout’ that allows the users to figure out what they want to buy through instant recommendations. A simple concept incorporated in Scout is the voting mechanism that recommends products based on customers’ likes. Most of the online sites recommends products solely based on what shoppers have


A study from World Economic Forum stated in a recent report that it is being said that several jobs are expected to be taken over by the rising adoption of automation; however, people have less to fear from robots as compared to some might expect. The Swiss think tank has given predictions that robots are expected to taken over near about 75 mn jobs across the globe by the end