Trucking Alliance Fights For More Technology in Drug Testing

Technology is expected to transform commercial trucking is we know it today. Automation is the hot-rod in this industry. From automation in driving, to monitoring, to detecting faulty components, automation is simply unescapable today. And, the director of Trucking Alliance is fighting for more changes in the industry. According to Lane Kidd, the managing director, there are over 300,000 truck driver on the road today that will fail the drug

Batteries can Now Store Renewable Energy

The exhaustion of fossil fuels in the future is inevitable. To save people from energy crisis scientists are developing devices that can use renewable sources of energy. Energy from sun, wind, and water can produce tremendous power that can last for a lifetime. However, the availability of these sources has its own limitations. For instance, solar energy is only available only in the day. Whereas, during the night user has


Scientists from Trinity College Dublin have found a way to break water molecule with little energy use. This presented a major obstacle to the discovery of sustainable energy. With the new discovery, the doors for creating a renewable energy with no wastage is wide open for further research. So, does this mean we will be able to smell a really-ecofriendly coffee in the next year? Maybe not! The researchers have

Wildfires are getting worse. Can new technology make us safer

Authorities Pin Large Hope on Technologies to Fight Wildfires The reasons for wildfires can be varied but the devastation and loss they bring is massive. The recent case in point is the wildfires in California in 2018. They burnt thousands of acres of lands, killed scores of people, and led hundreds of people homeless. The repercussions are uglier causing community-wide upheaval. Recently, concerned authorities have pinning large hopes on technology