Currently, every single city aspires to be greener, cleaner & more sustainable. The way to this mission begins at the basic level – city’s waste management & recycling at the right time and efficiently. It is one of the important functions of a well operated city. One of the biggest issues when it comes to handling waste & recycling is picking up the materials efficiently and also ensuring that the


Intel and the U.S. Department of Energy revealed that the most powerful computer ever developed in the US will be kept at Argonne National Laboratory in 2021. United States’ debut exascale computer, called Aurora will integrate exceptional processing power the increasing potential of AI to assist in solving the most essential & complicated scientific problems. Being an exascale computer, Aurora will have the capability of one billion billion calculations every

Infrared Cameras

Infrared Cameras have the ability to see through plastic, fog & smoke. However, infrared cameras are comparatively more expensive than visible-light ones. Infrared light’s energy is smaller as compared to visible light, which makes it difficult to capture. New advancement by University of Chicago’s scientists may someday in the future result in cost-effective infrared cameras. This may also lead to using these cameras in consumers electronics such as cellphones and

Robotic Leg

University of Southern California’s researchers have designed a robotic leg that learns to walk by itself through trial & error, pretty much like an animal. USC Viterbi School of Engineering’s research team feel that they are the first to develop a leg inspired by animal-like tendons. The robotic leg can gain its balance after being tripped so that it doesn’t fall. The robot was never programmed to recover its footing.


Violation of data revealing important & secretive information of firm is increasing. McAfee’s recent research discloses that plenty of employees are worried that they may be the reason for data leakage or cyber-attacks. Out of all the people who were surveyed, at least twenty-one percent of employees expressed their concern that they may end up doing something in office which may lead to violation of security. They also expressed fear

Micro Robots

Researchers have used the new nanofabrication methods to develop bug-shaped micro robots that can walk, stay in rough climate, wirelessly powered, and small in size to be injected via a standard hypodermic needle. Marc Miskin came up with nanofabrication methods with his colleagues Paul McEuen, Alejandro Cortese, and Itai Cohen. He says that when he was a child, he remembers looking in a microscope and observing everything that was going

Self-Driving Technology

On Wednesday, the former Google car division, Waymo who’s coming up with self-driving innovation revealed its plan to sell its self-driving technology to firms that are not its rivals. Alphabet, another firm will provide its lidar sensors that measure distance laser light pulses, to firms in agricultural technology, robotics, security & different industries. In a statement, Waymo revealed that their custom lidars have been important in creating Waymo the first

Microsoft Word

Mimecast’s researchers have revealed a bug in Microsoft Word which can be used to go around security systems. The glitch inaccurately manages integer overflows & can be used to dodge security systems & deceive parsers to offer remote code which may take full control over an endangered system. Microsoft has been informed about the issue which has accepted that it is not intentional. However, a security patch is not been

Collaborative Robots

Several of orange collaborative robots speed & move back & forth like small bumper cars. However, instead of hitting each other, they’re moving in a methodically designed route to move plenty of products ordered from Amazon. A woman dressed in a red safety vest, with pockets filled with radio transmitters & sensors on her belt & a tablet, walks through their designed choreography. This happens at the latest Amazon order


VR firm Cybershoes GmbH has now practically fulfilled a dream of all virtual reality enthusiasts by introducing Cybershoes, a unique and inexpensive accessory of VR which is worn on the feet of the users and enables people to run or walk through virtual reality. Cybershoes are secured directly onto one’s feet & as they are seated in a revolving bar stool, they are ready to commence their exciting journey of