Food Contamination

Researchers at MIT Media Lab have created a simple wireless system to sense potential food contamination, using RFID tags on billions of products. As food safety incidents have been one of the major headlines worldwide for causing illness and death over the past two decades, the new system called RFIQ aims to bring food-safety detection to the general public. According to the researchers, a reader in RFIQ detects minute changes in

Voice Assistant

China’s tech giant Huawei is working on its own voice assistant for outside of the country, potentially pitting it against Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa, CNBC reported. While the company’s ‘Xiaoyi’ is only for Chinese market which operates in its smartphones and smart speaker called the AI Cube, Huawei is now working on a new voice assistant that will work outside China. Richard Yu, CEO of consumer business told CNBC that

Battery Life

Researchers at Aston University have created an innovative way to exceptionally improve the battery life of devices such as smartphones and tablets up to 60 percent, by reducing consumption of power by mobile apps. In the new research, computer scientists offered a solution that integrates cloud computing and mobile computing. They have developed tools with an ability to detect the parts of mobile app that consumes more power and transfer


Global iPhone maker Apple is set to tighten its e-commerce strategy in India after successful brick-and-mortar retail. As a part of a global deal with e-commerce giant Amazon, Apple will start selling its line of products including iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch directly on Amazon’s website in India. As reported in Gadgets Now, the company will have direct relationship with the two largest e-commerce sites in India including Amazon and

Dark Themes

Google is encouraging developers to add darker interfaces or dark themes backing to increase the battery life of smartphones. Users have long requested for a dark theme within Android apps due to inherent brightness of the Google Material Theme. This month, at the Google’s Android Dev Summit, the company conveyed that the dark themes will help improve the battery time of smartphones, recognizing their benefits in Android apps. According to the

Facebook to Team Up with News Agency ASP to Combat Circulation of Fake News

Facebook is set to enter into partnership with Agence France-Presse (AFP), a news agency to expand its third-party fact-checking programme in India. As reported in Financial Express, the new joint venture aims to prevent spread of ‘fake news’ on the controversial social media platform prior to general election in 2019. In April 2018, the company teamed up with BOOM, according to the new report, the move will improve Facebook’s efforts

Apple’s first 5G iPhone will Reportedly Release in 2020, Intel to be the Sole Provider of Modems

A new report in Fast Company suggests that tech giant Apple is set to release its 5G iPhone in 2020, citing a source with knowledge of the company’s plan. With 5G touted as the next generation of cellular networking, wireless carriers are preparing for the advanced connectivity that affirms to deliver faster download speed to the consumers. While smartphone manufacturers have been revealing phones as first 5G devices, majority of


T-Mobile on Tuesday posted its financial and customer metrics that have crossed the Wall Street’s expectation and delivered another record-breaking quarter. During the third-quarter, the company signed up more customers to its flagship brand, outpacing the biggest rivals with trade-in offers for iPhone and competitive wireless plans. The shares of T-Mobile climb over 3% to $66.00 in after-hours trading on Tuesday. Despite its pursuit to close the pending merger with smaller

Artificial Fly Brain

Drosophila melanogaster or fruit flies can reliably distinguish individuals through their sight, despite having a simple visual system. In a recent study, researchers have developed a Artificial Fly Brain and neural network that replicates the visual system of fruit flies to differentiate and re-identify the flies. It also provides an evidence that vision of a fruit fly is clearer than previously predicted. According to the researchers, the new study will

Algorithm Translation

While believers often turn to scriptures in hordes for solace and spiritual guidance, researchers at Dartmouth College have found that Bible could do beyond just that. The holy book can even help them better computer-based text Algorithm Translation. The Bible is home to enormous amount of data and algorithms excel when they get more data to train upon. By using the data in the Bible, the research team developed an