Life Style


In a research study published in Current Biology, it is described that memory of earlier pain – which is believed to drive a chronic pain–may vary based on sex, in both mice and humans. A team researchers from McGill and University of Toronto Mississauga has discovered that men as well as male mice recall earlier painful experiences clearly, resulting in hypertensive and stressful reactions to later pain when returned to


Researchers at Penn State claimed that grain bran contains a ‘natural antioxidant’ that could preserve food longer and potentially replace synthetic antioxidants currently used in food industries across the globe. Currently, there is a big push within the food industry to adopt natural ingredients over the synthetic variants, mainly driven by the consumers, doctoral candidate Andrew S. Elder said. There has been an increasing demand for clean labels, the consumers


In a recent study, researchers at the University of Queensland (UQ) made new discoveries on how the brain induces the ability to rapidly focus attention. The human brains are consistently loaded with information from the senses, but the level of attentiveness to such input differs, enabling an individual to concentrate on a conversation and not on another. According to Stephen Williams, Professor at UQ’s Queensland Brain Institute, when one wants


In a survey of 50 homes in North Carolina for complete arthropod fauna of the indoor ecosystem, researchers found high diversity with an estimate range of 24-128 distinct families of arthropods per house. Spiders are crucial part of the nature as well as the indoor biome. While people tend think their houses are safely insulated from the outdoor environment, many species of spiders can be found inside. The researchers discovered

Oxygen Levels

In a new research study, oceanographers at the University of Rhode Island (URI) have discovered that a slight decrease in oxygen levels in the ocean may have huge consequences for small marine organisms called ‘zooplankton’. These organisms are one of the keep components of food web in the midwater, the expanse of the ocean below the surface and above seafloor. Within the midwater, there are large regions with low level

Negative Mood

In a new study, researchers at Penn State have found that negative mood including anger and sadness is linked with higher levels of inflammation in the body, which could be a signal of poor health. The study – featured in the journal Brain, Behavior, and Immunity – is an extension of previous research that showed the association between clinical depression and hostility with higher inflammation. The investigators discovered that the

High Blood Pressure

In a new study, featured online in the British Journal of Sports Medicine, it is suggested that regular exercise may be as effective in lowering high blood pressure (140 mm Hg) as prescribed drugs. However, the researchers cautioned that there are no direct head-to-head comparative trials between exercise and drugs for lowering blood pressure and the participants included in some of the studies were relatively small. Although promising, the study results

Infants and Young Children at Higher Risk from Second-hand Smoke than Previously Thought, Finds a New Study

In a new federally supported research, it was discovered that infants and toddlers belonging to low-income communities are at greater risk from exposure to second- and third-hand smoke than previously believed. The researchers tested more than 1,200 children and found that around 15% of them had levels of cotinine, a byproduct of nicotine breakdown in the body, comparable to the level found in adult smoker. In the study, up to

Brain Activity

An infant’s attempt to pay attention when playing with objects results into bursts of high frequency activity in the brain. But, ever wondered what happens when adults play together with their babies? In a new study, Dr. Sam Wass from the University of East London collaborated with Dr. Victoria Leong and colleagues from Nanyang Technological University, Singapore and Cambridge University to show that when parents engage into joint play together

Social Stress

In the recent years, several research have linked physical and social environment of an individual to their well-being. Today, social stress has become one of the most common problems that weakens the body and affects the immune system, leaving a person more vulnerable to sickness and other health issues. However, scientists have not yet understood the link between stress and health at the cellular level. In a new study, led