Life Style

Low-Carb Diet

In a recent study, published in British Medical Journal, it is revealed that low-carb diet help people burn more calories and keep their weight off. Most people who lose weight from dieting regains it within one or two years, as the body adapts by burning fewer calories and slowing metabolism. The study led by Boston Children’s Hospital in conjunction with Framingham State University, finds that eating food with low carbohydrate content


A recent study at the Ohio State University suggests that people whose mothers had more number of partners usually follow the same path. Researchers revealed that relationship skills and personality traits of a mother may pass on to the children, on which they are more or less likely to establish stable relationships. Results of the study were detailed in a paper and published in the recent issue of journal PLOS ONE. According to

Protein Klotho

In the latest study, a group of researchers at the Gladstone Institutes have discovered a new function of protein klotho, an Anti-aging Molecule that generally promote longevity and curb age-related impairments in human beings. Presence of high amount of protein klotho in the body allow for healthier and longer lives whereas its depletion results into rapid aging and age-related diseases. Interestingly, choroid plexus of the brain contains excessively higher level


Scientists from Purdue University in the U.S have developed a new smart drainage device that may help minimize the effects of glaucoma. Glaucoma is a type of eye disorders that cause damage to the optic nerve, affecting the peripheral vision. Surgical implants and medications have been the only ways to save the eyesight of patients with glaucoma. However, these treatments offer varying impact on the improvement of vision and on relieving

AI News Anchor

China’s state-owned Xinhua News Agency has developed a new AI News Anchor that can deliver headlines 24 hours a day. According to news reports, the new – AI News Anchor are digital composites developed from footage of human hosts who read the news using synthesized voice. It can read out the text by mimicking the voice as well as the image of real human presenter. Xinhua reported that AI news

Harmful Exposure to Lead and Mercury Heightens the Risk of High Cholesterol Levels

A study led by the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene (NYC Health) revealed that increased levels of cholesterols could be attributed to undesirably high levels of heavy metal substances, such as mercury and lead, in the blood. The researchers found that high levels of mercury and lead detected in the blood can severely damage arteries by raising lower density lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol. Researchers from Jacobi Medical

Concerns of Disloyalty Influence Bias against Immigrants with Dual Identity: Researchers

A new Yale-led research has revealed that individuals belonging to a majority group tend to have negative views of members of minority group who reportedly holds more than one identity. According to the researchers, the negative bias is directly linked to the fear that the dual-identity group will be disloyal to the majority. The study, featured in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, explains that the negative bias can


Psychedelic drugs including LSD are highly impactful on human consciousness, especially perception. A research team at University of Zurich and Yale have discovered how the perception of human brain alters under the influence of such drugs. According to the researchers, LSD stimulates a particular receptor known as ‘serotonin-2A or 5HT2A receptor’ responsible for the changes in perception. As reported in journal eLife, stimulation of the receptor influence the process of


Concrete experts have developed a new building material Memory-steel that can be used to reinforce new as well as existing concrete structures. In the construction of concrete structures, steel reinforcements are generally prestressed hydraulically which requires oil-filed hydraulic jacks, anchors for force transfer, and ducts to guide the tension cables. These apparatus need specific spaces which created the geometric framework conditions for every prestressed concrete structures. The proven method, however,

Plant Hormone

A new study shows that plant hormone strigolactone could make it possible to encourage plant growth in space. With weak gravity and scarce nutrients, growing plants on moon or on other planets may have been unimaginable but scientists from University of Zurich have developed a solution. According to them, strigolactone fosters plant-fungal symbiosis and stimulates growth of plant, even in unfavorable environment found in space. The idea of establishing lives