Industry Insights

Global Market for 3D Wheel Aligners to Witness Growing Adoption for Off-Road Vehicle Maintenance through 2026

Bad weather conditions and growing disregard for road maintenance is worsening the state of roads in several parts of the world, and wheel alignment systems are witnessing a sharp increase in demand. 3D wheel aligners, a key advancement in wheel alignment systems, are being sought to attain accurate assessment of nonalignment by capturing the condition of wheels and the axle three-dimensionally. The Fact.MR forecast study estimates a 4.2% CAGR growth

Bifacial Solar Modules:  What’s New under the Sun?

Harvesting solar power is the need of the hour. But, operators, developers and financiers face challenges with gains associated with harvesting activity. Thus, it does not come as a surprise that efforts are directed at lowering costs and improving profits. And, going by recent results, the hard work is set to pay. What’s the Hype About: Bifacial Solar Modules are ready to enter the world. And, the breakout modules have