Time Magazine

The 20th century’s preeminent weekly newsmagazine, Time Magazine, will soon have a new abode as it is being sold by the Meredith Corp. to Salesforce.com’s co-founder Marc Benioff along his wife. The popularity of Time has prevailed in light of its unique storytelling with regard to issues & people that connect as well as affect the global population. This definitive agreement to sell Time media brand to Benioffs is evaluated


Japan’s Renesas Electronics Corp has, in a latest statement, said that the company has agreed upon a deal to buy Integrated Device Technology Inc. for $6.7 bn. This marks the second notable acquisition for Renesas as the company looks to dive deeper into the field of semiconductors for driver-free or self-driving vehicles. As for the U.S. chip company, the deal highlights the intense level of competition among international chipmakers as


A team of researchers from University of Utah has discovered that nucleosomes can hinder CRISPR-Cas 9 cleavage productivity. A paper published by the team of researchers in Proceedings of the National Academy of Science, the team talks about testing the gene editing on yeast samples. The paper consists of the final results and their findings about the test on the yeast. The gene editing technique mentioned above utilizes RNA to

Solar Cells

Researchers have created some latest chemical engineering methods for delivering high-efficiency solar cells materials. The perovskites formula apparently appears to be fool-proof. Consolidation the three fundamental elements – iodide, lead, and methyl ammonium in any number of ways, one can obtain the similar key material. Notwithstanding, slight changes at different phases of the perovskite creation process can modify the material’s characteristics. Presently, researchers have figured out how to make perovskites


Ornamental flower’s seed oil can be used for producing environmental friendly lubricant. A team of researchers from the School of Science at IUPUI discovered that compound present in the seed oil is different other fatty acid can be used for producing lubricant. This study was published in an online journal, called Nature Plants. The purple flower, Orychophragmus violaceus which mostly present is China, is generally called February orchid. During the