Robotic Skins Can Animate Regular Objects and Actuate Unpredictable Space Missions

Research published in the journal ‘Science Robotics’ states how robotic skins can turn inanimate objects to robots. The robotic skins are elastic sheets embedded with sensors which can be used over a surface of any objects to perform different tasks. Rebecca Kramer-Bottiglio, assistant professor of mechanical engineering and materials science in Yale University developed the new robotic skin technology in partnership with NASA. Although the skins were designed without assigning a

Amazon’s Scout Experiment Offers Tailored Product Recommendation Based on ‘Like’ and ‘Dislike’

Personalization is a key growth aspects of any e-commerce site. According to a report from CNBC, Amazon is testing an AI driven shopping site ‘Scout’ that allows the users to figure out what they want to buy through instant recommendations. A simple concept incorporated in Scout is the voting mechanism that recommends products based on customers’ likes. Most of the online sites recommends products solely based on what shoppers have


A study from World Economic Forum stated in a recent report that it is being said that several jobs are expected to be taken over by the rising adoption of automation; however, people have less to fear from robots as compared to some might expect. The Swiss think tank has given predictions that robots are expected to taken over near about 75 mn jobs across the globe by the end

Smart Mirrors

The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) has been involved in developing a new laser power sensor that can be built by assembling of gadgets facilitating real-time estimations. This new device or smart mirrors makes use of radiation pressure or a force equivalent to the pressure that light has on an object. Preeminence of lasers in manufacturing applications including welding of car parts to creating engine components using 3D

Trade War

Two of the World’s largest economies dove deeper into a trade war post Beijing’s move on including US$ 60 billion of products from the United States in its import tariff list. This was in retaliation for President Trump’s planned charges on Chinese goods worth US$ 200 billion. Tariffs on Chinese products would begin from 10 percent and increase to 20 percent by 2019. Partly relying on Section 301 of the

Antimicrobial Disinfectants

Eco-friendly household cleaners or multi-surface cleaners may alter gut microflora in children making them overweight, according to a recent study published in the Canadian Medical Association Journal. Canadian researchers’ recent find revealed that infants in households that use antimicrobial disinfectants once a week are likely to have high level of Lachnospiraceae bacteria at ages 3-4 months than those living in households that do not frequently use antimicrobial disinfectants. Children with


Mitigating adverse consequences of air pollution has been a major focus of scientists. Rising percentage of CO2 in Earth’s atmosphere has accelerated research activities involved in conversion of CO2 to renewable energy sources. Research on CO2 conversion is not only focused upon generating electrofuels but also other value added chemicals including ethanol, propane and ethylene in a cost effective manner. However, scientists found it difficult to understand exact structure of

Intermolecular Bonds

Chemists from RUDN University recently initiated an in-depth analysis on nature of chlorine and nitrogen intermolecular bonds in molecules of azo dyes in a bid to define photochromic properties of azo molecules. The results and analysis is published in the Dyes and Pigments Journal, which reveal significance of halogen and hydrogen intermolecular bonds in stabilizing structure of dyes. The insights and conclusions provided in the research can be used for

Consumer Data Tracking

Routine Consumer Data Tracking habits has been one of the primary tasks of companies such as Facebook. Several forms of trackers such as cookies have been leveraged by companies for keeping track of the surf history, which in turn aids them in analyzing the individual’s choices as they jump through websites. Concerns arise among consumers with regard to their fake digital profiles being created. Video, and news websites, along with


Regular use of aspirin among the geriatric population may not alleviate the risk of cardiovascular disease and cancer, according to a new research published in the New England Journal of Medicine. The study, known as the ASPREE, was jointly conducted by Monash University in Melbourne and the US Berman Centre for Outcomes and Clinical Research. The study took nearly five years to arrive at the findings. Healthcare experts are of