Algorithm Translation

While believers often turn to scriptures in hordes for solace and spiritual guidance, researchers at Dartmouth College have found that Bible could do beyond just that. The holy book can even help them better computer-based text Algorithm Translation. The Bible is home to enormous amount of data and algorithms excel when they get more data to train upon. By using the data in the Bible, the research team developed an


Concrete experts have developed a new building material Memory-steel that can be used to reinforce new as well as existing concrete structures. In the construction of concrete structures, steel reinforcements are generally prestressed hydraulically which requires oil-filed hydraulic jacks, anchors for force transfer, and ducts to guide the tension cables. These apparatus need specific spaces which created the geometric framework conditions for every prestressed concrete structures. The proven method, however,

Shrink Ray

In a recent study, published in journal of the American Chemical Society, scientists have developed an innovative device that can alter the shape and size of a block of gel-like material on which bacterial or human cells were growing. According to researchers at the University of Texas at Austin who have created the new shrink ray, it could be promising for scientists to understand the ways to grow replacement tissues

Genetic Barcoding

Scientist from Icahn School of Medicine have been able to simultaneously evaluate the functions of hundreds of genes with resolution reaching single-cell level using a newly developed novel Genetic Barcoding technology. The study, featured in the recent issue of journal Cell, describes the new technology that relies on barcoding approach using a specific protein. Although the sequencing of human genome was pioneered by scientists in the early 2000s, revealing a

Carbon Fibers

A new study has demonstrated the capability of carbon fibers to function as battery electrodes that can directly store electrical energy. According to the researchers from Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden, this discovery could create new opportunities for structural batteries where carbon fiber becomes an integral part of the energy system. Further, multifunctional material like carbon fiber is used in many vehicles to make them stronger and lighter which could

Magneti Marelli

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) has agreed to sell its Magneti Marelli unit to KKR-owned Calsonic Kansei for $7.1 billion (6.2 billion euros). As reported in Bloomberg, it is the first biggest deal for Fiat under the new CEO Mike Manley who took over his boss Sergio Marchionne in July. On Monday, the companies stated that the new collaboration will be named Magneti Marelli CK Holdings. The unit specializes in powertrain,

Foldable Smartphone

The US Patent and Trademark office granted a second patent to Apple for the company’s foldable device. According to Patently Apple, the second patent is targeted for a new flexible hinge and its housing fabric that Apple intends to incorporate in its folding iPhone. In November 2016, the company received the first patent to develop its original foldable smartphone that described an electronic device with a flexible portion and a

Plant Hormone

A new study shows that plant hormone strigolactone could make it possible to encourage plant growth in space. With weak gravity and scarce nutrients, growing plants on moon or on other planets may have been unimaginable but scientists from University of Zurich have developed a solution. According to them, strigolactone fosters plant-fungal symbiosis and stimulates growth of plant, even in unfavorable environment found in space. The idea of establishing lives


Four leading U.S public funds holding shares in social media giant Facebook Inc co-filed a proposal to remove CEO Mark Zuckerberg as the company’s chairman on Wednesday. In 2017, shareholder Trillium Asset Management filed the proposal for an independent chair but was defeated due to Zuckerberg majority control. Following data privacy scandals associated with Facebook, State treasurers from Rhode Island, Illinois, and Pennsylvania together with the New York City Comptroller

Nicotine Exposure

A new study suggests nicotine exposure in males may cause cognitive deficits upon their descendants including children and grandchildren. In the study, researchers from Florida State University exposed male mice to nicotine, which was published in open-access journal PLOS Biology. Impact of nicotine use by pregnant women have always received greater scrutiny; it is recognized as a potential risk factor for behavioral disorders such as attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)