Food Contamination

Researchers at MIT Media Lab have created a simple wireless system to sense potential food contamination, using RFID tags on billions of products. As food safety incidents have been one of the major headlines worldwide for causing illness and death over the past two decades, the new system called RFIQ aims to bring food-safety detection to the general public. According to the researchers, a reader in RFIQ detects minute changes in

Low-Carb Diet

In a recent study, published in British Medical Journal, it is revealed that low-carb diet help people burn more calories and keep their weight off. Most people who lose weight from dieting regains it within one or two years, as the body adapts by burning fewer calories and slowing metabolism. The study led by Boston Children’s Hospital in conjunction with Framingham State University, finds that eating food with low carbohydrate content

T cells

In a new study, researchers have found cellular mechanisms responsible for eliminating T cells that pose autoimmune dangers. Scientists at the Georgia Institute of Technology reported that in the newly discovered mechanisms, aggressively developing thymocytes are made to commit suicide to prevent them from causing damage to the body, while maintaining the normally developing thymocytes that grow into T cells and act against infections as well as cancer. Although the

Purify Ethylene

A new copper compound developed by a research team at the University of Texas at Arlington can be employed to purify ethylene. The researchers have also filed a provisional patent application for the same. Ethylene is widely used as raw material in the production of many industrial compounds and variety of plastics including PVC or polyethylene. Naturally, produced from crude oil, ethylene are obtained as mixture containing ethane. In manufacturing processes,

Voice Assistant

China’s tech giant Huawei is working on its own voice assistant for outside of the country, potentially pitting it against Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa, CNBC reported. While the company’s ‘Xiaoyi’ is only for Chinese market which operates in its smartphones and smart speaker called the AI Cube, Huawei is now working on a new voice assistant that will work outside China. Richard Yu, CEO of consumer business told CNBC that

Battery Life

Researchers at Aston University have created an innovative way to exceptionally improve the battery life of devices such as smartphones and tablets up to 60 percent, by reducing consumption of power by mobile apps. In the new research, computer scientists offered a solution that integrates cloud computing and mobile computing. They have developed tools with an ability to detect the parts of mobile app that consumes more power and transfer


A recent study at the Ohio State University suggests that people whose mothers had more number of partners usually follow the same path. Researchers revealed that relationship skills and personality traits of a mother may pass on to the children, on which they are more or less likely to establish stable relationships. Results of the study were detailed in a paper and published in the recent issue of journal PLOS ONE. According to

RNA Sequencing

In a recent study, researchers have discovered a new method that use brain networks and supervised machine-learning techniques to efficiently identify cell types following single-cell RNA sequencing (scRNA-seq). Instead of depending on marker genes that are not available for all cell types, scientists at Carnegie Mellon University adopted the new automated technique to evaluate all scRNA-seq data and select just specific parameters required for differentiating one cell from another. The

Purple Bacteria

A group of researchers at King Juan Carlos University in Spain have discovered a new method to convert industrial wastewater and household sewage into energy using purple phototropic purple bacteria (PPB) as a battery. In the recent study, published in the journal Frontiers in Energy Research, the scientists explained that the energy-storing bacteria are capable of recovering almost 100% of the carbon from each type of organic waste and when

Teslaquila Drink

Flamboyant billionaire and Tesla’s CEO Elon Musk could be headed for a trademark battle of Teslaquila Drink with Mexico’s tequila industry. In October, Musk announced a new brand of tequila named ‘Teslaquila’, vaguely tweeting it was ‘coming soon’ accompanying a visual approximation of Tesla logo above a red and white label and a caption stating ‘100% Pure De Agave’. However, agave-based drink’s industry opposed Musk’s efforts to trademark the alcoholic drink