Smart Toilets to Conduct Urine Testing Are Here!

Yes, smart technology is making its way in every aspect of our life. However, technology like smart wearable and smartphones can only go so far. These devices often do not have access to in-depth information about us. So perhaps, smart toilets are the way to better monitor health. This is what scientists at Wisconsin-Madison and Morgridge Institute of Research believe. They conducted urine tests using smart toilets over a 10-day

Building Biologically Active Compounds Using Light

Certain biologically active compounds contain isoquinuclidine, a chemical structure containing nitrogen. And, these compounds are inclusive of synthetic drugs. Here, it is worthy to note that the certain aspects of the structure. First and foremost, it is three-dimensional and that allows interaction with proteins and enzymes more favorably than with two-dimensional molecules. But, certain drawbacks associated with making isoquinuclidines and dehyrdoisoquinuclidines make discovery of new medicinal compounds tough. But, thanks

Electronic Sniffers to Determine the Health of the Dogs

Dogs are the most loyal animal humans can have as a pet. Once you give them your heart and they’ll protect it till their last breath. However, it gets difficult for humans to determine the health of these animals. For instance, if a dog gets infected by a sandfly, it is a daunting task to determine its health. The worst part is, this infection can transfer to humans which results

 Voice Technology

Objects and human beings have had long-lasting affair. Sophisticated software and simple tools all comprise extensions of human bodies. The creation of sophisticated tools is a mark to trace human well-being and progress. As tools are so vital for our prosperity and existence, the techniques of interfacing have gained substantial significance. The interface between machines and humans is very important that as soon as a brand new medium is developed

Innovation in Microscopy Promises Glowing Prize for Researchers

A team of researchers from UCLA have found a new technique to expand the capabilities of fluorescence microscopy. The new technique will enable scientists to identify living and tissues with a glowing mechanism with the help of 3D imaging. The new techniques uses dyes which glow under special lighting and turn two-dimensional images into stacks of virtual three-dimensional slices. The study published in Nature Methods can be a new lease

Scientists Trap Innovation to Capture over 90% Solar Energy

Scientists have transformed new materials to mimic the sunflowers. The new materials can orient themselves according to the sunlight to soak up solar energy. The discovery published in Nature Nanotechnology promises a breath of fresh air for solar applications. This new discovery not only means more energy generation but possibly new materials which can move robotics. The technology is capable of absorbing up to 90% sunlight during operations and also

Next-Gen Pack Formats Combine Sustainability and Consumer Engagement

The drive toward sustainability has caused new upheaval in the packaging sector. The changes though no rapid but are unarguably transformative. New directions have come to the fore for packaging manufacturers. Industry 4.0 among other factors are leading transformative changes. A case in point is growing shift toward zero-waste in retail packaging. Exciting new ideas have come to the fore. Packaging-free products have been attracting cosmetics manufacturers and retailers. Two