Google’s video platform YouTube removed 1.67 million channels along with 7.85 million videos in its third quarter this year, as company’s battle against inappropriate content rages on. The recent YouTube Community Guidelines Enforcement report came amid growing concerns about how the platform monitors and delete problematic content including hateful, graphic content and video displaying violent extremism. As reported in CNBC news, this is the fourth report YouTube has released including


China has long served as the manufacturing base for Apple, however, if President Trump’s plans of levying a 25% tariffs become a reality, the company may shift its production outside the country. First reported by Bloomberg, the news of Apple reconsidering its business strategy has been gaining steam, although taking such a big decision will entail careful deliberations. The US-China trade war is taking its toll on businesses, and although

Tencent Music

Tencent Music Entertainment Group, China’s leading music-streaming company said on Tuesday it raised nearly $1.1 billion for the company and selling shareholders in its U.S. initial public offering (IPO). As reported in Reuters, the price came in at the bottom end of the targeted range of S13-$15 per share. Tencent Holdings Ltd, one of the world’s largest gaming and social media company, priced its IPO at $13 per American Depository

Pizza Hut

Pizza Hut has agreed on the acquisition of QuikOrder an online ordering platform for restaurants, in a move to step up its online ordering capabilities. Although the terms of the deal have not yet been released, Pizza Hut said that it is one of its biggest acquisitions to date. This acquisition is the latest in the series of ongoing technology moves in the competitive space of pizza delivery, led by


Once again, controversial social media giant Facebook has become a point of accusation. According to documents released on Wednesday by aBritish lawmaker, Facebook offers companies such as Netflix and Airbnb, accessto data on users’ list of friends that it cut off for most apps in 2015. It also said that Facebook dodged questions regarding market dominance and privacy practices. The documents included 223 pages of internal communication from 2012 to


Shareholders of Takeda Pharmaceuticals have approved on Wednesday its $59 billion acquisition of London-based Shire, Reuters news reported. Strengthening the drug pipelines, the deal will create a global powerhouse but one that is saddled with debt loads. Taking over Shire is the biggest overseas acquisition by aJapanese company which will put Takeda in the ranks of the world’s top 10drugmakers and will be gaining expertise in rare diseases. As reported in


Sears Holding Corp, 125-year-old American department store company, receives court approval on Tuesday for $350 million in critical debtor-in-possession financing. As reported in Reuters, the loan will keep the company running through the holiday season while it finds ways to reorganize. Prior to hearing on Sears’ bankruptcy financing arrangements in the U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the Southern District of New York, the retailer reached the finance deal with Cyrus Capital Partners

Stock Market

Microsoft’s stock market value is on the verge of taking over Apple, since the iPhone maker breached its $1 trillion market cap and lost its lead as the ‘most valuable company’ in the Wall Street. Shares of Apple dropped 1.77 percent in extended trade after US President Donald Trump told Wall Street that tariffs can be imposed on mobile phones and laptops imported from China. The loss took away 1.35 percent earned

Black Friday

After a record-breaking digital sales across smartphones and desktops on the Thanksgiving Day, Black Friday kickoff of holiday shopping season in the United States pulled in a bumper year for e-commerce. This year, Americans showed an increasing preferences for online purchases while large crowds were absent at the brick-and-mortar stores. According to Adobe Analytics, which tracks enormous transactions across a range of retail sites, about $6.22 billion was spent online,

Trade Talks

Trade talks between China and the United States should be based on equal consultants and mutual benefits, Reuters reported, citing Wang Shouwen, China’s Vice Commerce Minister on Thursday. According to Wang, the two nations can make common efforts and find ways to resolve the problems as well as manage the differences through dialogue. In a new conference held in Beijing, Wang said that officials of both nations maintained a close contact, instructed