Mobile Phones

Chief medical officers of United Kingdom are suggesting parents to keep a tab on the amount of time their kids are spending on the Mobile Phones. They are of the view that time spent by kids on smartphones & other gadgets shouldn’t hamper their education, exercise, and sleep. Officers have published instructions recommending on actions that should be taken by parents, which includes not allowing their kids to use Mobile


VR firm Cybershoes GmbH has now practically fulfilled a dream of all virtual reality enthusiasts by introducing Cybershoes, a unique and inexpensive accessory of VR which is worn on the feet of the users and enables people to run or walk through virtual reality. Cybershoes are secured directly onto one’s feet & as they are seated in a revolving bar stool, they are ready to commence their exciting journey of


In Portland, Oregon a research was administered at OSHU that recognized a gene which could offer a novel target in order to generate medicines to hinder & cure alcoholism. Oregon National Primate Research Center’s scientists at OSHU found a gene which had minimum expression in nonhuman primates’ brains that drank large amount of liquor in comparison to someone who consumed less. Further in the research, the team also figured out


Wind turbines, engine gears, refrigerator compressors & plane thrusters, list of essential agricultural equipment, home applications, industrial machinery & transportation vessels that rely on lubricants maybe limitless. The aforementioned elements touch almost every aspect of current life & covering a global industry which is over sixty billion dollars annually. Although they are an important element, lubricants tend to leave behind massive footprint on the environment. Greases, usual lubricants, emollients &


Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany & GlaxoSmithKline recently revealed that they have ventured into a strategic agreement to create & sell M7824. It is an experimental bifunctional mixed protein immunotherapy which is presently in clinical development that includes possible registration analysis, for several hard to cure cancers. It comprises of a Phase II experiment to examine M7824 as compared to pembrolizumab, as a debut treatment in patients with PD-L1 exhibiting developed


Binge drinking during teenage life has been shown to lasting impact on the brain wirings and is linked to higher risk of alcohol use disorder and psychological problems later in life. In a recent study, a team of researchers at the Center for Alcohol Research in Epigenetics (CARE) at the University of Illinois, Chicago has demonstrated that these lasting effects are due to epigenetic changes that alter the expression of

3D Printed Rubber Materials

A newly developed 3D printed rubber materials can repair themselves, an advance that could bring transformation in the manufacturing of tires, shoes, and soft robotics, according to a study published in NPG Asia Materials. Developed by a team of researchers at the University of Connecticut and University of Southern California Viterbi School of Engineering (USC Viterbi), the new material is described to have the advantage of being quick to produce


Vocoder, a device that harnesses the power of AI and speech synthesizers, could monitor an individual’s brain activity to reconstruct the words they imagine to speak. Neuroengineers at Columbia University’s Zuckerman Institute have recently created an innovative system that enables translation of thought into intelligible and recognizable speech, a discovery that could provide new techniques for computer to communicate directly with the brain and help individuals suffering from different disorders or


Researchers at the Harvard University and the Broad Institute of MIT have recently build a computational method that designs ‘molecular baits’ for every  virus strain infectious to human beings, including Zika viruses that are difficult to detect in clinical samples due to low abundance. As reported in the journal Nature Biotechnology, the new technology could help all genomic sequencing centers in the world monitor diseases more effectively and low cost,

Surgical Stapler

A new study, presented at the 55th Annual Meeting of the Society of Thoracic Surgeons (STS), has discovered a significant differences between technologies of surgical stapler based on impact they have on rate of air leaks, one of the most common complications related to lobectomies, a type of thoracic surgery for treating lung cancer. For the first time, the research team was able to directly see, monitor, and measure the