Rohit Bhisey

Holding a vast experience in a number of fields associated with market research and Internet marketing, Rohit strives to gain a better understanding of global as well as regional trends in a number of industries and analyzing their impact on a plethora of markets at several levels. His scrupulous attention to details and high understanding of how socio-economic factors impact how markets develop can be seen in his analytical write-ups presented on Fact.MR.

Game Streaming Service

Amazon is working on developing a video game streaming service over the internet, joining other large tech companies such as Sony, Google and Microsoft that are building similar offerings, promising for a new battleground in online entertainment, The Information reported, citing two people familiar with the plan. While Sony’s PlayStation is already up and running, Google has begun to test its Project Stream service in the United States, and Microsoft

Sexual Misconduct

Attorneys are suing the board of Google parent Alphabet Inc. on behalf of a company shareholder for allegedly covering up two former executives from accusations of sexual misconduct over the last five years, Reuters reported. The company declined the request for comment. The two lawsuits came months after a report by New York Times detailed how Google shielded sexual misconduct claims against its executives, by keeping them on staff or

Smarter Airplanes

Gulls’ wings can adapt their shape to breezy or gusty conditions by altering a single elbow joint, according to a new research at the University of British Columbia (UBC) – a simple mechanism that could influence better and smarter airplanes design. Findings of the research are detailed on a paper published in the recent issue of Journal of the Royal Science Interface. According to the senior author Douglas Altshuler, a


Engineers at the University of California, Berkeley developed a novel neurostimulator that can listen to and stimulate electric current simultaneously in the brain, potential for delivering effective treatments to patients with diseases such as Parkinson’s and epilepsy. The new wireless pacemaker device called ‘WAND’ functions like a pacemaker for the brain that monitors electrical activity of the brain as well as deliver electric stimulation when detecting something amiss. Wireless Pacemaker type

Hypersonic Vehicles

Hypersonic vehicles can be an airplane, missile, or spacecraft that travel through the atmosphere at extremely high speeds. These vehicles create intense friction with the surrounding air, as they fly at speeds above Mach 5 which is five times faster than the speed of sound. It is technically challenging to develop structure that can withstand furnace-like temperature at such incredible high speed, especially for leading edges that bear the maximum

Age and Gender

Scientists have recently created a new artificial intelligence (AI) system that can identify individuals on a video by detecting age and gender more rapidly and with high accuracy. According to the researchers at Russia’s Higher School of Economics, the technology to detect age and gender has already been the basis for offline detection systems in Android mobile applications. Modern neural networks could detect gender of people on videos with highest

Box Office

In record-breaking 2018, US box office sales has amounted to around $11.38 billion, as more viewers stepped into the theaters to watch blockbusters of this year, CNBC news reported. As the final week of the year is likely to be the busy time for moviegoers, analysts estimate the final total amount could be as high as $11.8 billion. In particular, superhero movies dominated the box office in 2018 with more

Oxygen Levels

In a new research study, oceanographers at the University of Rhode Island (URI) have discovered that a slight decrease in oxygen levels in the ocean may have huge consequences for small marine organisms called ‘zooplankton’. These organisms are one of the keep components of food web in the midwater, the expanse of the ocean below the surface and above seafloor. Within the midwater, there are large regions with low level

Negative Mood

In a new study, researchers at Penn State have found that negative mood including anger and sadness is linked with higher levels of inflammation in the body, which could be a signal of poor health. The study – featured in the journal Brain, Behavior, and Immunity – is an extension of previous research that showed the association between clinical depression and hostility with higher inflammation. The investigators discovered that the

Scientists Designed a Lung-inspired Mechanism to Turn Water into Fuel

In a new research, a team of scientists from Stanford University have designed an electrocatalytic mechanism based on mammalian lungs that enable conversion of water into fuel. It could help improve the efficiency of existing clean energy technologies, according to the scientists whose research work has been published in the journal Joule on December 20. Respiration process of an organism including inhalation and exhalation may have been mistaken to be