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Boron Nitride Nanotubes

Recently, Goodfellow introduced boron nitride nanotubes to its range of boron nitride products. Even though it is a little similar to carbon nanotubes, when it comes to its characteristics such as mechanical strength, stability, and light weight, some of its features are quite different. Unlike CNT that may be semiconducting or metallic, boron nitride nanotubes is an electric insulator that has a bandgap of ~5.5 eV. BN structure that is


Intel and the U.S. Department of Energy revealed that the most powerful computer ever developed in the US will be kept at Argonne National Laboratory in 2021. United States’ debut exascale computer, called Aurora will integrate exceptional processing power the increasing potential of AI to assist in solving the most essential & complicated scientific problems. Being an exascale computer, Aurora will have the capability of one billion billion calculations every


A couple of years ago, streaming industry was led by giants such as Hulu, Amazon Prime, and Netflix. They had a significant portion of content licenses & used this to introduce big alliances with cable providers. This year, firms such as WarnerMedia & Disney are introducing their content in-house before the launch of their streaming services. Hence, market share’s competition will be intense. But there is one particular area of

Afternoon Napping

Researcher Manolis Kallistratos & colleagues discovered that individuals who took afternoon napping have more chances to experience a decrease in blood pressure as compared to individuals who didn’t take an afternoon siesta. Afternoon napping was found to decrease blood pressure to a similar extent as consuming a pill for high blood pressure. The results will be presented at the forthcoming American College of Cardiology’s Annual Scientific Session in March in

HIV Treatment

A clinical trial conducted at four National Institutes of Health funded Centers for AIDS Research all over the US shows that over eighty percent of people who started HIV treatment immediately after its detection retained viral suppression after forty-eight weeks. Individuals who were a part of the clinical trial, known as iENGAGE attained suspension of virus in an average of only sixty-three days. The results were shown in a poster

Heart Failure

Massachusetts General Hospital’s researchers’ team has discovered that activity of an essential signaling pathway grows with aging & heart failure. The report was released in Science Translational Medicine. In which they explained proof from animal & humans models that boosted activin type II receptor activity corresponds with increased heart failure. It states that restraining ActRII may help to enhance cardiac function in mouse models. Jason Roh’s Explanation on Role of

3D Printer

Accumulative production of huge volume of plastic components is a long process. That’s why Fraunhofer Institute for Machine Tools and Forming Technology IWU’s researchers have now come up with Screw Extrusion Additive Manufacturing (SEAM), which is a system & technique 8 times quicker than customary 3D printing. 3D printer that develop tiny mementos layer by layer with the help of softened plastic are frequently used at tradeshows. It may take up


Researchers claim that besides eyes & nose, kids also inherit their parents’ moral characteristics. They have discovered that although parents shape their kids to become responsible & kind adults, there exist a hidden genetics factor which affects these characteristics. Penn State’s Training Interdisciplinary Educational Scientists Fellow, Amanda Ramos has faith that the research will help to initiate discussion about why & how these traits called as virtuous character grows. Amanda

Blood Pressure

A latest study released in the journal Hypertension states that going for a half-an-hour walk in the morning may turn out to be effective as medication to decrease blood pressure. University of Western Australia’s researchers discovered that walking on a treadmill for half an hour in the morning improved the individuals’ blood pressure readings for the entire day. They claim that for some people, morning walk can be a substitute

Collaborative Robots

Several of orange collaborative robots speed & move back & forth like small bumper cars. However, instead of hitting each other, they’re moving in a methodically designed route to move plenty of products ordered from Amazon. A woman dressed in a red safety vest, with pockets filled with radio transmitters & sensors on her belt & a tablet, walks through their designed choreography. This happens at the latest Amazon order