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Collaborating a huge amount of data taken from past research with information from over five hundred patients, an international researchers’ team from John Hopkins has come up with a computer-based set of rules that correctly predicts when individuals with an uncommon heart issue may benefit or not from crucial inserted defibrillators. Latest study released online on March 27 in the European Heart Journal offers physicians with a risk prediction tool


Currently, every single city aspires to be greener, cleaner & more sustainable. The way to this mission begins at the basic level – city’s waste management & recycling at the right time and efficiently. It is one of the important functions of a well operated city. One of the biggest issues when it comes to handling waste & recycling is picking up the materials efficiently and also ensuring that the

Stability Testing

Determining the steadiness of pharmaceutical products is important in order to ensure safety of the patient & desired clinical results. The presence of harmful degradation products & loss of efficiency may lead to dangerous consequences. Therefore, stability testing takes place routinely on pharmaceutical products at every stage of development. Testing is necessary to assure that drug product retains the required efficiency & purity after it’s transported & stored. Different components


With the help of neuroimaging, researchers at University of Texas at Austin conclude that forgetting about something uses more brain power than trying to remember it. The discovery was released in the Journal of Neuroscience. It explains that to forget about an unpleasant/unwanted experience, more attention should be given to it. The finding goes beyond before research on intentional forgetting that concentrated on decreasing focus to the non-essential information with


Violation of data revealing important & secretive information of firm is increasing. McAfee’s recent research discloses that plenty of employees are worried that they may be the reason for data leakage or cyber-attacks. Out of all the people who were surveyed, at least twenty-one percent of employees expressed their concern that they may end up doing something in office which may lead to violation of security. They also expressed fear


A team of researchers at University of Utah have developed a unique & quick technique to provide inexpensive algal biocrude in large amounts with the help of specifically developed jet mixer. Microorganisms such as algae that thrive in water-bodies like lakes, rivers & ponds have something called lipids inside them. Lipids are fatty acid molecules that has oil which can be removed to fuel diesel engines. When the lipids are

Implantable Pacemaker

It comes as no doubt that implantable have significantly affected the world of modern medicine, specifically, implantable pacemaker. It has saved several lives by controlling rhythm of the heart. Even though they save lives, there’s one disadvantage to it, batteries only function for five to twelve years. When the batteries run out, implantable pacemaker needs to be replaced via an operation. As per a report released in ACS Nano, researchers

Medicine Manufacturing

Latest developments in battery technology, right from designing of their cases to electrochemistry which happens inside them has given rise to several electric cars such as Volts, Leafs, and Teslas. Scripps Research scientists motivated by improved electrochemistry of the batteries have comes up with a battery-like process which enables them to create potential developments for medicine manufacturing The latest technique was covered in Science, ignores safety risks related with a


In Portland, Oregon a research was administered at OSHU that recognized a gene which could offer a novel target in order to generate medicines to hinder & cure alcoholism. Oregon National Primate Research Center’s scientists at OSHU found a gene which had minimum expression in nonhuman primates’ brains that drank large amount of liquor in comparison to someone who consumed less. Further in the research, the team also figured out

3D Printed Rubber Materials

A newly developed 3D printed rubber materials can repair themselves, an advance that could bring transformation in the manufacturing of tires, shoes, and soft robotics, according to a study published in NPG Asia Materials. Developed by a team of researchers at the University of Connecticut and University of Southern California Viterbi School of Engineering (USC Viterbi), the new material is described to have the advantage of being quick to produce