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Drug Sponge

A group of researchers from University of California, Berkeley and University of California, San Francisco has recently developed a tiny polymer drug sponge, which is set to absorb excess chemotherapy agents from the bloodstream after they have reached the target. As reported in the journal ACS Central Science, the new drug sponge is aimed to minimize the ill side effects of toxic chemotherapy drugs which have potent effect against tumors,


In a research study published in Current Biology, it is described that memory of earlier pain – which is believed to drive a chronic pain–may vary based on sex, in both mice and humans. A team researchers from McGill and University of Toronto Mississauga has discovered that men as well as male mice recall earlier painful experiences clearly, resulting in hypertensive and stressful reactions to later pain when returned to

Brain-Computer Interfaces

To better understand the brain function, many researchers used electrode arrays to map the electrical activity of different regions of the brain. However, these arrays are only capable of detecting the activity over a certain frequency threshold. Recently, a group of researchers from Barcelona built a new technology that not only overcomes the technical limitation but also unlocks a myriad of information found below the frequency of 0.1 Hz, paving

App Store

Global customers reportedly spent around $1.22 billion on Apple App Store during the holiday season of 2018, hitting a single-day record with purchases worth nearly $322 million on New Year’s Day alone. On Thursday, the iPhone maker reported that spending on App Store topped $1.22 billion from Christmas Eve to New Year’s Eve. According to Phil Schiller, Senior Vice President of Apple’s Worldwide Marketing, the holiday week of 2018 has been


Despite high consumer spending that lifted economy in the United States, over a dozen of retailers filed for bankruptcy protection in 2018. Several big names of departmental stores, shoe companies, and mattress sellers have come up, CNBC news reported. Although the pace of closures have reduced from 2017 when more than 20 retailers including Toys R Us, Gymboree and Hhgregg went bust, bankrupt filings and store closures are still affecting

Smart Textiles

Scientists have recently developed thin, flexible wires with silver that may find potential application in comfortable wearable electronics and smart textiles. A group of researchers at China’s Nanjing University of Posts and Telecommunications have built a simple, scalable, and inexpensive technique to produce conductive fibers with good mechanical strength, high conductivity, and uniform morphology. Owing to capillary actions of fibers including nylon, cotton, and polyester yarns, the solution containing nanowires


Chinese tech giant Huawei Technologies projected a 21 percent leap in 2018 revenue to $109 billion, according to its rotating chairman Guo Ping, boasting a sharp acceleration in the business growth despite heightened global scrutiny as the company struggles to relieve rising concerns about the business and product security. In New Year’s address to the employees, Mr. Ping had said that the company has signed around 26 5G contracts and

Lignin Composites

Scientists from the Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) have discovered that a by-product of biorefinery processes called – lignin composites; could serve as renewable 3D printing feedstock. The new discovery has been outlined in the journal Science Advances, which extends ORNL’s achievements in the reducing the cost of bio-products by creating profitable new uses of lignin. The lignin is a form of complex organic polymers that creates structural materials in


In a survey of 50 homes in North Carolina for complete arthropod fauna of the indoor ecosystem, researchers found high diversity with an estimate range of 24-128 distinct families of arthropods per house. Spiders are crucial part of the nature as well as the indoor biome. While people tend think their houses are safely insulated from the outdoor environment, many species of spiders can be found inside. The researchers discovered


Skin is an important part of the body with remarkable ability to heal itself. However, in few cases, wound takes more time to heal or doesn’t heal at all, leading to increased risk of infection, scarring, and chronic pain. Recently, scientists at the University of Wisconsin-Madison in the United States have created a self-powered E-bandage that produces an electric field over an injury, allowing faster healing of skin wounds in