About Us

Fact.MR is an insights-driven global market intelligence provider, striving to help organizations formulate better marketing strategies through real-time data-driven insights pertaining to a large set of industries.

At Fact.MR, we understand that insights gained from thorough market research are vital for companies to secure a winning position in their respective industries. Thus, our reports are made with scrupulous attention to details pertaining to trends, opportunities, and recent developments in the specific industry. Market data is gathered through extensive primary and secondary research activities, filtered down with the help of proprietary statistical models to offer rich insights that matter the most and are critical for expeditiously formulating the right strategies. We also offer customized reports for comprehensive and specific information requirement, delivered by combining expert problem solving methodologies and existing data repositories.

We believe that with our reports, offering a storehouse of practical and critical market inferences, will help provide apt solutions for clients-specific problems and help businesses make well-informed decisions about their growth strategies.

Editors & Contributing Staff

  • Rohit Bhisey: Sr. Editor

Holding a vast experience in a number of fields associated with market research and Internet marketing, Rohit strives to gain a better understanding of global as well as regional trends in a number of industries and analyzing their impact on a plethora of markets at several levels. His scrupulous attention to details and high understanding of how socio-economic factors impact how markets develop can be seen in his analytical write-ups presented on Fact.MR.

  • Rahul Pandita: Editor

Proficient in understanding the nuances of digital marketing, Rahul’s rising focus on the recent developments across leading industry verticals shine through his highly perceptive write-ups published on Fact.MR. Presenting before the world a clearer understanding regarding recent developments and ramifications, he offers a deeper understanding regarding the future growth prospects of the specific market.