Lithium-Ion Battery Packs Market In The U.S. Is Estimated To Surpass US$ 111.3 Billion By 2032

Industry Insights

The lithium-ion battery packs market in the U.S. is estimated to surpass US$ 111.3 billion by 2032, up from a market valuation of US$ 33.7 billion in 2022. Sales of lithium-ion battery packs are projected to rise rapidly at 12.4% CAGR during the forecast years of 2022-2032 as compared to the 9.2% growth rate witnessed during 2017-2021.

Lithium-ion batteries have several advantages over nickel-cadmium variants. Lithium-ion batteries provide significantly high energy density, which is used for powering electronic devices for a longer duration of time. This is one of the major advantages supporting the growth of the lithium-ion battery packs market. Low maintenance needs and a lesser rate of self-discharge allow lithium-ion batteries to have a competitive edge over other types of batteries.

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Competitive Landscape

Market players in the lithium-ion battery packs market are forming partnerships with other industry players and are launching innovative solutions to capture a larger market share. They are emphasizing launching advanced lithium-ion battery packs as a measure of capacity expansion to garner a wider consumer base.

For instance:

  • Tesla Inc. confirmed the acquisition of SilLion Inc. in 2021. This company is a Colorado-based battery start-up and the acquisition is for a new patent for a silicone-based battery anode.
  • EnerSys launched highly-efficient NexSys iON batteries in 2021 as an addition to its portfolio of power solutions. These batteries are equipped with sustainable nickel manganese cobalt (NMC) format prismatic cell chemistry. They deliver high energy volume and have a smaller ecological footprint.

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U.S. Lithium-ion Battery Pack Industry Research by Category

  • U.S. Lithium-ion Battery Pack Market by Product Type :

    • Lithium Cobalt Oxide
    • Lithium Magnesium Oxide
    • Lithium Iron Phosphate
    • Lithium Nickel Manganese Cobalt Oxide
    • Lithium Nickel Cobalt Aluminium Oxide
    • Lithium Titanate
  • U.S. Lithium-ion Battery Pack Market by Cell Type :

    • Cylindrical
    • Prismatic
    • Pouch
  • U.S. Lithium-ion Battery Pack Market by Nominal Voltage :

    • Less than 12V
    • 12V
    • 24V
    • More than 24V
  • U.S. Lithium-ion Battery Pack Market by Battery Capacity :

    • Less than 30 kWh
    • 30-60 kWh
    • 60-80 kWh
    • More than 80 kWh
  • U.S. Lithium-ion Battery Pack Market by End Use :

    • Automotive
      • BEVs
      • PHEVs
      • HEVs
    • Consumer Electronics
      • Laptops
      • Digital Cameras
      • AIDC
      • Others
    • Medical Devices
    • Industrial & Grid Energy
  • U.S. Lithium-ion Battery Pack Market by Region :

    • West U.S.
    • South-West U.S.
    • Mid-West U.S.
    • North-East U.S.
    • South-East U.S.

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