Bacillus Coagulans

Coagulans Market Is Expected To Register A CAGR Of 7.6% In Terms Of Volume By 2028

Food and beverages

Sales of bacillus coagulans have witnessed a sheer proliferation in the recent past in line with rising consumer preference for probiotic diet and growing digestive disorders. The bacillus coagulans market is expected to witness sales surpassing 41 thousand tons by 2019, as per the latest research study by Fact.MR.

Interest in probiotic fortified functional foods and beverages continues to grow across countries. Exhibiting the characteristics of both lactobacillus and bacillus genera, bacillus coagulans have recently attracted the attention of food manufacturers and researchers. A large number of studies are being conducted on the low-cost microbial production of bacillus coagulans for use in the food industry.

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APEJ Holds Pole Position in the Market, Greater China to Witness Higher Growth Rate

With volume sales exceeding15 thousand tons in 2019, APEJ is projected to hold a strong position in the bacillus coagulans market, according to the Fact.MR report. Demand in China continues to grow at a brisk pace. The approval of bacillus coagulans for use as an ingredient in the food and beverages fortification in Asian markets is driving the demand for bacillus coagulans.

Key consumer groups in Greater China including the rising population aged 60 and above as well as families with children are focusing on consuming fortified food products and promoting digestive system health. With the approval of bacillus coagulans in the list of bacteria used in food in China, there has been a rise in usage of bacillus coagulans in functional food as well as infant food products in China.

Bacillus coagulans producers in developed regions including North America and Europe are moving towards new distribution partnerships to increase product availability in Asia. Leading players in the bacillus coagulans market in North America are entering a strategic alliance to bring new patented innovation in the food and beverages industry in the region, as per the report.

Competitive Landscape

The report provides a competition scenario and updated information on the leading players.

Some of the major players in bacillus coagulans are Mitsubishi Chemical Foods Corporation, Ganeden, Nebraska Cultures, UAS Laboratories, Sabinsa Corporation, Syngen Biotech, Sanzyme, Microbax, Mystical Biotech Pvt. Ltd, Thorne, Aumgene Bioscience, and other key players.

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