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Camping Stove Market Is Growing Steadily At A CAGR Of 4.5% By 2027

Camping Stoves

A recent Fact.MR study indicates that ~300 thousand units of camping stoves were sold in 2018, and it is highly likely that the sales will rise by ~4%, yearly, in 2019. The global camping stoves market is anticipating modest growth in the forthcoming years, which will prominently be driven by the dramatic increase in outdoor recreational activities.While the U.S. has already been witnessing strong emergence of a trend of ‘camping’ when on family vacations, the report opines that the market is set for steadfast growth in other regions as well, over the coming years. Currently, a third of the global camping stoves sales volume is accounted by North American market, a majority of which is driven by the U.S. Moreover, Fact.MR’s analysis points to the fact that the United States’ whopping US$ 30 billion annual spend on procurement of high-quality camping accessories will remain the key growth determinant for the U.S. camping stoves market.

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Competition Landscape Analysis of Camping Stoves Market

A highly competitive landscape, the global market for camping stoves will witness 40-45% revenue contribution from the top 10 players. As the report sheds light on the competition scenario governing the developmental strategies of market participants, it unfolds how they are strategizing for better market positioning.

It suggests that while the frontrunners in camping stoves market continue to prioritize product innovations to gain a differentiating advantages, they are also likely to maintain the focus on upgrading their existing portfolios, and providing free after-sales service for customer engagement. Upgrading the quality and utility of camping stoves is another key factor dictating competition strategies of market participants.

The camping stoves manufacturers are improving their products with easy ignition, easy cleaning and wind-protection features that are being sought by the customers.

The product innovations include stoves with additional satellite burner, and enhanced burner output. Including attractive offers, such as a package of camping products at a discounted price has been a recently popularizing trend among leading companies in the camping stoves industry. The detailed competition analysis of camping stoves market reveals that it is highly fragmented at the bottom, and notably dynamic at the top – operated by the market frontrunners and challengers.

Innovations – Inspired by Sustainability

Fuel efficiency has been lately emerging as an important attribute, dictating product innovations in the camping stoves landscape, says the report. In resonance with this trend, some of the leading players are already pioneering the game of introducing ‘energy-efficient’ camping stoves on the market. Johnson Outdoors Incorporated recently developed a breakthrough “FluxRing” technology that utilizes a greater surface area, to achieve minimal boiling time, and thus improved fuel efficiency.

With a sizeable cluster of conscientious consumers ready to pay a premium for fuel-efficient products, it is highly likely that this trend wave will expand at a brisk pace and eventually come of age over the next couple of decades. In line with the expanding global sustainability drive, the camping stoves market is also witnessing the rise of electricity-generating camping stoves that are powered by biofuels and generate electricity. Furthermore, solar-powered camping stoves are likely to gain popularity in the camping stoves market in coming years.


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