MRI-guided Radiation Therapy Systems

MRI-Guided Radiation Therapy Systems Market Is Projected To Record A CAGR Of Approximately 20% Through 2028


The relatively new technology for integrating magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) with radiation therapy is becoming increasingly prevalent, with revenues from the MRI-guided radiation therapy systems market exceeding US$ 220 Mn in 2018, according to a recent study by Fact.MR.  This remarkable growth potential of the MRI-guided radiation therapy systems market can be attributed to burgeoning adoption of innovative technologies in the cancer diagnosis & treatment, alongside growing focus on patient-centric care.

The study assesses macro and microeconomic factors that define the growth prospects of the MRI-guided radiation therapy systems market. It finds that leading players in the rapidly-growing healthcare sector are vying for new techniques in cancer treatment to compensate for involuntary patient movements and improve precision to a much higher degree. In addition, the paradigm shift in preference of cancer patients towards radiation therapies, from invasive to non-invasive procedures, is expected to remain instrumental in adoption of MRI-guided radiation therapy systems in cancer care.

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Key Segments of MRI-guided Radiation Therapy Systems Market

  • Product Type

    • Linac MR-RT Systems
    • Software
  • MR Dimensions

    • 0.5 Tesla MR Scanner
    • 1.5 Tesla MR Scanner
  • End User

    • Hospitals
    • Radiotherapy Centers
    • Radiotherapy Centers
  • Regions

    • North America
    • Latin America
    • Europe
    • Asia Pacific
    • Middle East & Africa

MRI-guided Radiation Therapy Systems Market – Competitive Landscape

The technology used in MRI-guided radiation therapy systems is relatively new, and the market is yet at its infancy. Implementing a new technology to introduce an innovative radiation therapy system that is MRI-compatible, without the interference of one component with another, requires extensive R&D and significant capital investments.

Manufacturers rely on licensing and patenting their innovative technologies for revenues and sales. Currently, only two companies have a substantial presence in the MRI-guided radiation therapy systems market—Elekta AB and Viewray Technologies, Inc.

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