Global Furniture On Rent Market Is Anticipated To Accelerate At A Healthy CAGR Of Around 6.8% Through 2031

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Furniture on Rent Market Outlook

Entrepreneurs and investors have revolutionized the furniture on rent business, which has secured more than US$ 100 Mn in investments from different investor archetypes in 2021.  As living areas and bedrooms turned into office spaces, and millennial consumers ‘sit and shop’ around the globe – the rental furniture industry came to the fore.

 Sample Report –

Market Segments Covered in Furniture on Rent Industry Research

  • By Rental Model

    • Individual Furniture
      • Living Room Furniture
      • Bedroom Furniture
      • Dining Room Furniture
      • Other Furniture Categories
    • Furniture Subscription
  • By Rental Cycle

    • Short Cycle Furniture on Rent
      • Day-based Furniture on Rent
      • Monthly Furniture on Rent
      • Quarterly Furniture on Rent
      • Bi-Annually Furniture on Rent
      • Annually Furniture on Rent
    • Long Cycle Furniture on Rent
      • 18 Months Furniture on Rent
      • 2 Years Furniture on Rent
      • 2.5 Year Furniture on Rent
      • 3 Years Furniture on Rent
      • More than 3 Years Furniture on Rent
    • Custom Cycle Furniture on Rent
  • By User Type

    • Furniture on Rent for Residential Users
    • Furniture on Rent for Commercial Users
      • Corporate Users
      • Hotels and Restaurants
      • Educational Institutions
      • Other Commercial Users
    • Furniture on Rent for Occasion-based Users
  • By Business Model

    • Buy and Rent
    • Rental Intermediates
    • Manufacture and Rent

Will Availability of Funding Prove to Be the Lifeblood for Furniture on Rent Business Owners?

Furniture on rent is a new concept for several emerging countries where users are able to evaluate the long-term benefits of renting their furniture instead of buying it. However, in such countries, furniture on rent businesses are usually low on budget and need financial backup to resist the ups and downs in their venture and innovate to match local requirements.

Presence of venture capitalists and their interest in this aspirational business model has provided a backbone of support to these business owners.

  • For instance, Furlenco is one of the furniture on rent companies that has successful garnered funding from different venture capitalists. Furlenco has raised over US$ 160 Mn in series C, series D, debt financing, and venture rounds, since 2018 till date.

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