Sales Of Global Date Sugar To Surpass US$ 2,960 Million 2032

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Date Sugar Market Gains Traction amid Intensifying Sugar Substitutes Demand, Heightens Investments
A considerable cross-section of the global population has been switching from cane sugar as a sweetener to substitutes such as stevia, coconut sugar, monk fruit sugar and date sugar.

Among them, date sugar has gained significant traction among consumers owing to its distinct taste, strong acceptance by Muslim population and easy availability. While date sugar market is still in the nascent phase, it continues to see dynamic trends that are majorly altering its business and market landscapes.

To tap into upcoming opportunities, companies such as Bob’s Red Mill Natural Foods and Date Lady have been partnering with local farmers to procure higher volumes of dates with an increase in demand.

Besides, all the key players have been investing in certifications, as they are pivotal towards success in this market. With the present momentum, the market is projected to grow 1.6X between 2019 and 2029.

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Date sugar Market: Segmentation

Product Form

Granules & Crystal
Syrup/ Liquid

End Use

Industrial Consumption
Food Production
Dressings and Condiments
Sauces and Spreads
Beverage Industry
Retail Consumption


North America
Latin America
CIS & Russia
Middle East & Africa

Competitive Landscape

  • Date Lady is a key player in the date sugar industry. The company offers gluten free date sugar and is focusing on expanding their product range that would utilize date sugar as a key ingredient.

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