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Demand For Untreated Fluff Pulp Is Projected To Increase At A High CAGR Of Around 6.6% By 2032

Untreated Fluff Pulp Market: An Overview

Fluff pulp is a type of pulp made from softwood obtained by sulphite or sulphate pulp. It is a chemical pulp mainly parameterized on the basis of bulk and water absorbency. Fluff pulp was developed for the manufacturing of sanitary pads and napkins.

The manufacturing of fluff pulp is carried out through a bleached chemical process. For the production of several personal care products, fluff pulp is used as a raw material in the absorbent core due to its high absorbency. Today, over 75% of fluff pulp is used in the production of diapers. Untreated Fluff pulp accounts for more about 10% of the total pulp market, globally. This factor is expected to create immense opportunity for the fluff pulp market during the forecast period.

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Key Segments of Fluff Pulp Industry Survey

Competition Landscape

UPM, Celulosa Arauco y Constitucion SA, Daio Paper, Domtar, FUJIAN XINGYUAN INDUSTRY CO.,LTD, GP Cellulose, International Paper, Klabin SA, OASN Ltd, Rayonier Advanced Materials Inc, Resolute Forest Products Inc, Suzano SA, WestRock Company, and Stora Enso are some of the major fluff pulp suppliers.

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