Global NGS Sample Preparation Market Is Expected To Be Valued At Over US$ 4 Billion By 2031


The global NGS sample preparation market is expected to surpass a valuation of US$ 4 billion by 2031, expanding at a whopping CAGR of approximately 16% across the 2021-2031 forecast period, according to a recent report published on the market by award-winning consulting firm Fact.MR. Next generation sequencing (NGS) has revolutionized genomic research, paving the way for highly effective diagnosis of numerous chronic and infectious diseases, a fact that is boding well for market growth.

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Key Segments Covered in the NGS Sample Preparation Industry Report

  • NGS Sample Preparation by Product Type :

    • NGS Sample Preparation Instruments
    • NGS Sample Preparation Kits, Reagents & Consumables
  • NGS Sample Preparation by Application :

    • NGS Sample Preparation for Drug & Biomarker Discovery
    • NGS Sample Preparation for Diagnostics
    • NGS Sample Preparation for Precision Medicines
    • Others
      • Agriculture
      • Animal Research
  • NGS Sample Preparation by End User :

    • Hospitals & Diagnostic Centers
    • Biotechnology & Pharmaceutical Companies
    • Academic & Research Institutes
    • Others
      • CROs
      • CMOs
  • NGS Sample Preparation by Region :

    • North America NGS Sample Preparation Market
    • Europe NGS Sample Preparation Market
    • Asia Pacific NGS Sample Preparation Market
    • Latin America NGS Sample Preparation Market
    • Middle East & Africa NGS Sample Preparation Market

Competitive Landscape

Offering new sample items with cutting-edge technology, collaborating with current manufacturers, making acquisitions, and obtaining regulatory clearances are just a few of the important expansion methods used by major industry competitors. The following are some noteworthy developments:

  • QIAGEN N.V. introduced the QIAseq DIRECT SARS-CoV-2 Kit in April 2021, a viral genome enrichment and library preparation solution that would drastically minimize library turnaround times and the usage of plastics in NGS.
  • In addition, Thermo Fisher Scientific approved a formal deal to buy PPD Inc. for US$ 17.4 billion, with the goal of boosting innovation, increasing drug development productivity, and fostering advanced clinical research.
  • Swift Biosciences was bought by Integrated DNA Technologies (IDT) Inc. in May 2021 to expand its NGS library preparation genomics kits for academic, translational, and clinical research. Swift develops and commercializes NGS Library Prep Kits that maximize data output, provide comprehensive coverage, and reduce sequencing costs, while IDT is a leader in developing and production nucleic acid products for academic and commercial research, agriculture, medical diagnostics, pharmaceutical development, and synthetic biology.

How is Drug and Biomarker Discovery Expanding the Use Cases for NGS Sample Preparation?

Recent Advances in Drug and Pharmaceutical Ingredient Research are Primarily Driving Uptake

The drug & biomarker discovery domain led the worldwide NGS sample preparation market by application in 2021, and this trend is likely to continue throughout the forecast period. Uptake is mostly being driven by recent advancements in medication and pharmaceutical ingredient research.

NGS has a better sensitivity, allowing entire genome sequences of diseases, even undiscovered species, to be detected. Given the exceptionally high cancer incidence rates, NGS applications for medication and biomarker development in oncology are highly powerful. Over 2/5th of global market revenue is to be contributed by this segment.

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