Rise In Concussion Helmets Sales Across The North American Region With Growing Awareness Among Consumers And Regulatory Bodies Is Predicted


Market Overview

Increasing prevalence of concussion-related injuries has led to triggering awareness among end-users about the risks of serious head or traumatic brain injuries caused due to concussions. Thereby, growing needs for improving the concussion helmet efficacies against concussions has drawn manufacturers’ attention, which is fueling innovations in the concussion helmets market.

The global market for concussion helmets has been undergoing technological transformations as sport-related concussion injuries has become a grave concern for end-users. Manufacturers are also focusing on conducting more research into the pathophysiology of concussion-related brain injuries to design concussion helmets to provide more protection and reduce head-injury risks to a greater extent.

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High Risks of Football Concussions Improve Focus on Sports Concussion Management

In July 2017, a study was published in the Journal of American Medical Association (JAMA) and it found that among over 177 of 202 deceased former football players, were diagnosed with chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE), which is a brain disorder caused due to concussions. Many medical studies conducted by various research organizations find that children, teenagers, and young adults, who play football, are highly prone to the risks of concussion-related brain disorders such as CTE, Alzheimer’s diseases, and even mental disorders such as anxiety, depression, and personality changes.

North America to Become One of the Lucrative Markets for Concussion Helmets

While the global market for concussion helmets has been growing at a significant rate, a shift in focus of market players towards North American concussion helmets market has been observed in the past few years. A substantial rise in concussion helmets sales across the North American region with growing awareness among consumers and regulatory bodies is predicted.

Moreover, a mounting number of football players diagnosed with concussion-related head injuries in the U.S. is among the important factors to bolster demand for high-quality concussion helmets in North America. A research by University of Pittsburgh’s Brain Trauma Research Center finds that, in the U.S., over 300 thousand cases of sports-related concussion injuries are observed annually across the country.

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