Improved Effectiveness Of Oncology Medicines Manufactured Using Polypeptides Is Triggering The Growth Of The Polypeptide Market

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Potential application of polypeptide in researching and developing new pharmaceuticals has been driving its demand over the years. Synthetically produced polypeptides are increasingly used in drugs as they are easy and inexpensive to produce, and also have positive impact on the function of natural polypeptide present in the body.

Further, polypeptide helps in improving immune function as well as hormone production. These are the key factors influencing the development of polypeptide market. The utilization of polypeptides has evolved over time and continues to evolve with newer changes in drug development and treatment methods. In addition, rising scope of application in cosmetic and personal products is likely to accelerate the growth of polypeptide market.

Global Polypeptides Market: Overview

Polypeptides, the organic polymers containing a large number of amino-acids bonded together on the form of a chain, represent essential portions of proteins with unique pharmacokinetic properties as compared to small molecule drugs and large proteins. Polypeptides play a crucial role in modulating cellular functions and coordinating intercellular communications. There are hardly any other classes of bio-molecules that offer as much chemical diversity as polypeptides do.

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Applications in Chemotherapeutic Medicines and Anti-Cancer Pharmaceuticals to Boost the Polypeptide Market

With an increasing number of patients diagnosed with cancer, many pharmaceutical companies are conducting intensive research to discover effective anti-cancer drugs. The World Health Organization (WHO), cancer was the second leading cause of death, killing over 8.8 million people across the globe.

70% patients in low- or middle-income countries, who are diagnosed with cancer succumb to death. It generates needs for an effective oncology medicine that can reduce the number of deaths caused by cancer. Due to their chemical structure, polypeptides are used widely in treatments for cancer, especially hormone-dependent cancers, which is the main factor driving the growth of the polypeptide market.

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