Botanical Infusions Market

Botanical Infusions Market Is Estimated to Experience a Hike in Growth by 2028

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Present-day innovation across the beverage industry revolves around wellbeing and health, as the broader idea of “lighter enjoyment” and sugar reformulation remain dominating across new product development. Globally, manufacturers are drumming into the rising consumer demand for enjoyable alcoholic and soft drinks. Beverages are given a clear and clean label makeover as pacesetters continue to dump sugar and reformulate with all-natural alternatives.

Whether its botanical infusions, shaking up sparkling water, packing in plant-based proteins, the non-alcoholic category, spicing up soft drinks or factoring in fiber with the likes of on-trend flavors like coconut and ginger, is teeming with product developments. These include innovations from the key players for botanical infusions market like Coca-Cola and PepsiCo to more independent, artisan manufacturers and retail own-brands, to foresee outstanding market growth avenues throughout the forecast period.


Global Botanical Infusions Market Segmentation

Botanical infusions includes the following segments:

The global botanical infusions market can be segmented on the basis of ingredient type as:

  • Tea & Coffee
  • Functional Ingredients
  • Essential Oils
  • Cocoa & Vanilla
  • Fruits & Vegetables
  • Personal Care & Cosmetics Ingredients

The global botanical infusions market can be segmented on the basis of nature as:

  • Organic
  • Conventional

The global botanical infusions market can be segmented on the basis of end use industry as:

  • Pharmaceuticals & Nutraceuticals
  • Personal Care & Cosmetics
  • Food & Beverages
  • Other End Uses

Global Botanical Infusions Market Regional Overview

The global market for botanical infusions witnessed fast growth in the last few years. Increasing geriatric population in developed countries such as the U.S. and Japan has led to significant expenditure on healthcare services. As a preventive health measure, the geriatric population is inclined towards using alternative medicines due to little or no side-effects. Botanical infusions are preferred by the aging population, thereby driving botanical infusions market growth.

In 2014, according to a population survey in the U.S., about 65.2 million people have reached 65 years of age and, botanicals infusions are becoming one of the most popular natural beverages choices among the aged population, which is expected to lead to a surge in the growth of the botanical infusions market during the forecast period. This offers lucrative opportunities to botanical infusions manufacturers to offer botanical extracts based products in the personal healthcare segment..

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