Back Massager Market

Back Massager Market is likely to register double digit CAGR during

Retail and Consumer Goods

Back pain is one the most common problems that most of us face these days. Increasing work pressure and a desk job is a major reasons contributing to rising back pain problems owing to which the demand for back massagers are increasing in the market. Recent technological advancements and innovations has made it very easy in relieving the back pain and helping our body to stay in best working condition without causing any problems leading the consumers to spend more on massaging instruments and back massager is one of the popular choices in the category which is a key factor in driving the demand for back massagers in the market.

Back massagers help to relieve daily knots and aches and saves a lot of money and time that consumers have to spend going to a chiropractor or neurologist which is encouraging the growth in the demand of back massagers in the market over the forecast period.


Key Players:

Key market players identified across the value chain of the global back massager market include

  • Wahl Clipper Corporation
  • LiBa Products
  • Naipo
  • Body Back Company
  • HoMedics Group Canada CO LLC
  • Paramount Surgimed Limited
  • Conair Corporation
  • Brookstone
  • Scholl
  • Hung Sheng Electric Ind. Corp.
  • JSB Healthcare

Global Back Massager Market – Market Segmentation:

By Type, the Global Back Massager market is segmented into:

  • Electromagnetic massager
  • Infrared massager
  • Vibration massager
  • Others

By Application, the Global Back Massager market is segmented into:

  • Health Care
  • Eliminate Fatigue

By Sales Channel, the Global Back Massager Market is segmented into:

  • Hypermarkets
  • Supermarkets
  • Medical Stores
  • Specialty Retail Stores
  • Online Retailers

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