Mobile Device And Wearable Manufacturers To Agument Demand For MEMS Gyroscopes Market


MEMS Gyroscopes Market Introduction

The gyroscope is a device that is used for navigation and measuring angular velocity. MEMS (Micro-Electro-Mechanical-System) gyroscope is when the gyroscope made using MEMS technology. The advent of MEMS technology enables the development of low-power, low-cost, and miniaturized sensors. MEMS gyroscope uses very small vibrating mechanism in order to detect changes in the orientation and angular velocity.

MEMS gyroscopes have shown high performance and low power consumption. They are produced on a large scale at low cost with the small form factor for the consumer electronics market. MEMS gyroscopes are used in the image stabilization, automotive airbag systems and roll-over prevention, and have various other potential applications.


MEMS Gyroscopes Market: Notable Highlights

  • STMicroelectronics has released new gyroscope and accelerometer SiP IC with the built-in machine learning. The new sensor, LSM6DSOX is on the 3D gyroscope and 3D accelerometer and can be accessed via I2C and SPI, as well as via I3C and is compliant with Android. It also incorporates significant tilt and motion detection.
  • TDK Corporation through its company, InvenSense is working with Qualcomm Technologies to provide MEMS audio and motion sensor solutions for Qualcomm Robotics RB3 platform. The new platform by Qualcomm will support InvenSense’s 6 axis IMUs including 3 axis gyroscope and 3 axis accelerometer.
  • Murata has collaborated with eSoftThings to offer high quality platform and hardware solutions. These new solutions couple advanced sensor technologies and communication modules by Murata with IoT platform by eSoftThings.

Some of the leading players in the MEMS gyroscopes market are Bosch, STMicroelectronics, Analog Devices, Memsic, Kionix (ROHM), InvenSense, Murata, Maxim Integrated, and Epson Toyocom.

MEMS Gyroscopes Market Dynamics

Growing Demand for MEMS Gyroscopes from Mobile Device and Wearable Manufacturers

Increasing number of smartphone manufacturers are using MEMS gyroscopes owing to its small size, low power consumption, higher performance, and low cost. The iPhone 4 was the first mobile phone to integrate MEMS gyroscope. MEMS sensors including gyroscopes and accelerometers are being integrated into wearable devices used in the motion tracking system. MEMS gyroscopes and accelerometers are used in sports and fitness tracking wearable devices.

One particular use of MEMS gyroscopes is tracking body motion in biofeedback system. Biofeedback refers to the body activity in the sense of the physical movement. The biofeedback sensors use MEMS gyroscopes as it is the sensor attached to the person’s body to measure bodily functions and parameters. Moreover, with successful application of Augmented Reality (AR) in various industries, MEMS gyroscope is used on a large scale to detect complex changes in the angular velocity for the AR apps, for instance, watching 360? videos or using a smartphone as the steering wheel in the games.

Wide Application of MEMS Gyroscopes in the Automotive Industry

MEMS technology with a wide variety of MEMS sensors have found wide application in the automotive industry. MEMS gyroscopes and accelerometers are gaining traction in the automotive industry related to the passenger safety. Manufacturers in the automotive industry are using MEMS gyroscopes on a large scale to detect rollover, particularly in the tall vehicles and also to measure the roll rate which is integrated to determine roll angle of the vehicle. Moreover, the vehicle dynamic control system also includes gyroscopes as it measures the turn rate of the vehicle.

In terms of the navigation system in vehicles, GPS cannot provide all the information if signals are obstructed by tunnels, tall buildings, mountains and other such objects. Hence, in such cases, GPS system uses MEMS gyroscope.

MEMS Gyroscopes Market Segmentation

Based on the type, the MEMS gyroscopes market is segmented into

  • Vibrating wheel gyroscopes
  • Tuning fork gyroscopes
  • Foucault pendulum gyroscopes
  • Wine glass resonator gyroscopes

On the basis of application, the MEMS gyroscopes market is segmented into

  • Mobile devices
  • Automotive Industry
  • Cameras and Camcorders
  • Gaming Consoles

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