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Gel-based Sulfate free Body Wash to Push the Growth of the Sulfate free Body Wash Market

Sulfate Free Body Wash – A Comparatively Nascent Market with High Growth Potential

The ill effects of sulfate present in regular body wash is being observed among the consumer clusters, thus creating demand for sulfate free body wash. Sulfate free body wash market in the developed countries of North America and Europe has been the frontrunners in the demand, and the two regions are project to account for a sizeable demand by the end of the forecast period.

Several reports suggesting the harms of sulfate have persuaded the consumers of body wash to look for its alternatives. Many reports suggest that the consumer’s confidence about the product quality and cleansing efficacy is significantly based on factors such as thickness and degree of lathering of the body wash.

Although, these alternative materials try to replicate the foaming created by sulfates, they have little success at hand. Yet, the consumer preference towards them is increasing with new and improved products getting introduced in the market. To cater to the drawbacks of regular body wash, sulfate free body wash is researched upon by the body wash companies. Sulfate free body washes are manufactured using alternative materials such as Sodium Lauryl Sarcosinate, Sodium Cocoyl Glycinate, Decyl Glycoside, Potassium Laureth Phosphate, Starch, among others.


A Dedicated Product Line for Sulfate free Body by the Key Companies Showcases the Underlying Opportunities in the Market

Some of the market giants in cosmetic industry including Dove, Olay, Up&Up have introduced their line of sulfate free body wash. The companies are also eyeing development in sulfate free body washes with their value-additions.

Elixinol, for example, launched its hemp-based body wash in the U.S. An Indian startup, Clensta International, in Feb 2016, developed sulfate free body wash which can efficiently clean the skin without using water. Sulfate free body washes are usually sourced from natural and plant-based materials which provide an additional consumer confidence to the product. These alternative products-based sulfate free body wash is to create significant opportunities in the market.

Gel-based Sulfate free Body Wash to Push the Growth of the Sulfate free Body Wash Market

Sulfate free body wash market is divided based on following segments, product type, form, alternative material utilized, consumer orientation, sales channel, claims by the manufacturers and region. Sulfate free body washes are commonly divided into product type according to the skin problems that they address. The common product types of sulfate free body wash includes regular, sensitive skin, dry skin, oil-control, moisturizing, and others. The regular variant of sulfate free body wash holds the highest share, though the other categories also have a sizeable market.

Sulfate free body wash are available in three forms: gel, liquid and dry powder. Gel based sulfate free body wash are creating a separate space for themselves as the companies are significantly investing in their research and development. Based on alternative material, sulfate-free body wash market is broadly divided into two segments, sodium-based and sodium-free.

Key alternative materials containing sodium are sodium lauryl sarcosinate, sodium cocoyl glycinate, sodium cocoyl glutamate, sodium lauryl methyl isethionate, sodium lauroyl taurate, and sodium lauroamphoacetate. On the other hand, sodium-free alternative material are decyl glycoside, lauryl glucoside, coco glucosides, PEG 40 glyceryl cocoate, potassium laureth phosphate, starch, among others.

Sulfate free body washes are also segmented according to the consumer orientation, such as men, women, kids and unisex. Based on claims, sulfate free body wash market is categorized including, vegan, natural, paraben-free, silicone-free etc. Sulfate free body washes are sold through sales channels like supermarket/hypermarket, convenience stores, specialty stores, drug stores, spas and salons, online channels, and others.

North America to lead Sulfate free Body Wash Market

Currently, the North American region is taking large strides in the usage of sulfate free body wash due to a more substantial spread in knowledge about the ill-effects of sulfates. This allowed the advent of sulfate free body wash for people in the region, driving the growth of sulfate free body wash market in the region. Sulfate free body wash market is anticipated to showcase a steady growth over the forecast period in the European region.

Currently, South Asia is having considerable opportunities in the sulfate free body wash market primarily due to the growth in spending capacity of the people. Other regions are also expected to follow the suit regarding the growth in sulfate free body wash market.

A consolidated market with market leaders holding the top while newer entrants posing a challenge through product innovation

Some of the players providing sulfate free body wash market are

  • Unilever
  • P&G
  • Khadi Natural
  • Troplyne Inc.
  • Puracy etc.
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