Eye Cancer can Now be Detected by the New Blood Test


Cancer is the deadliest disorder one can have. Once the cancer cells spread out in the body, there is nothing one can do. The patient eventually drifts away and finally loses the battle of its life. According to studies, each year more than 2 million people lose their life due to cancer. The worst part is, doctors, can not predict when cancer will occur and spread in the body. However, not anymore! Researchers from the University of Queensland have come up with a new blood test that can analyze and predict the formation of deadly cancer that occurs in the human eye.

How Does the New Test Works?

The researchers collected samples from patients suffering from benign naevi and melanomas. They also collected samples from the patients having metastasised melanoma and used microRNA biomarkers to detect the cancer cells. Once the biomarkers have a complete establishment, researchers conduct the blood tests. These biomarkers can significantly distinguish between healthy cells and cancer cells. This is a remarkable discovery that can help millions of lives by predicting the occurrence of cancer in the eye. This solution can also predict the stage of cancer and determine whether cancer has spread in the body or not.

The blood test is simple and any diagnostic center can perform it. According to Dr Mitchell Stark, if a patient feels that his mole might be cancer, he or she can opt for this test and get the result. If the mole size is increasong and biomarkers’ number has increased, the patient might have the caner. It is that simple. Patients can bid adios to the painful and complex process of cancer detection, let alone the treatment. However, researchers are further extending their researchers to develop an equally simple and easy cure for eye cancer.

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