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Workplace Optimization: MoD rooting for Diversity


Diversity is key to improved results, experts say. And, this is particularly so in work environments. Here, technology plays a pretty vital role. Why, one may ask? The answer to this is that it not just helps in building relationships but also in carving out career paths. Thus, it comes as no surprise that the Ministry of Defense (MoD) is directing efforts towards inclusivity in the workforce.

There is a strength that comes with a team which has varied perspectives and diverse skills. Besides, different backgrounds contribute both skill enhancement and development of a broader outlook. As MoD recognizes these benefits, they strive to achieve it. This is also the case with Civil Service and Society as a whole.

It is noteworthy here that the private sector adopted diversity as core strategy long back. But, the public sector faces limitations that stop it from reaching full potential. One of these includes legacy technology decisions. So, there are culprits behind the lack of lucrative career options in the sector. And, this is what the MoD is bent on fixing.

Understanding the Relation between Defense Workforce and Digital Transformation:

Here, it is important to see that Defense was slow in understanding the correlation between workforce diversity and digital transformation. But, the situation is getting better.

Here is a peek into British Defense Industry’s foundational understanding, exiting it as it is today:

One, it is oversimplification of the matter to say that MoD is protector of the United Kingdom by force. Same also goes with its association as weaponry developer. Reason? Well, it is also linked to anti-smuggling, anti-piracy, disaster relief and humanitarian relief. An interesting fact here is that the expanded role of MoD also makes it important for it to be diverse.  After all, it needs to manage varied needs of the jobs.

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