Choosing the Right AI Model – An Executive’s Guide


It is no surprise that AI is transforming how businesses operate. But, what most CIOs forget is that it is not a magic wand. Thus, the clamor for quick results need containment. For one, it is a long road, and with many bumps. And, to ensure AI results are encouraging, it is crucial to figure which models truly fit the bill. Thinking of one size fits all? Well, time to rethink!

The best way to figure what work for a particular business if to wet one’s feet. Because only when one tests the waters can one figure pros and cons accurately. Like any expert in the field will explain- theoretical knowledge can only take people so far. So, the best thing is to test it on one of the processes.

While few call this crazy, and it is not wrong. But, it is important to understand here that one needs an order to this madness. Some of the processes that can help businesses figure it out are below. These are scalable and fits well for most enterprises.

  • Collate a list of processes that will benefit from AI. For instance, a mechanical engineer figures machine health through noise created. If he adds this data to AI, it can save time and predict faults in good time. In fact, if data is accurate and experimentation with AI is comprehensive, flaws unapproachable by humans present themselves this way.
  • See, where in existing processes can AI work its charm. For instance, it is great in understanding employee movement with the help of sensors. Besides, it presents businesses to deep dive into other data as well like people per floor. This is cost effective.
  • More data presents itself with AI through cross flow of data from one model to another or inter-departmental. And, this can open new channels of application, smoothening processes.

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