Science Can Redefine the Fuel Market


The fossil fuel reserves are depleting at a rapid scale today. They are exhausting at a scale wherein next 20 years, there shall be none remaining for the use. This, as a result, stimulates the scientists to develop devices that can harness the energy from non-exhaustible sources. Wind and biomass have been the flag bearer a renewable source of energy and are providing impeccable results. However, these sources are unable to generate enough power to propel massive vehicles such as ships and airplanes.

A new solution is redefining the power generation through these sources. The project goes by the name of Synfuel. The innovative solution combines electrolysis and pre-gasification together, developing a synthetic fuel that can replace diesel and high-intensity gasoline.

How can the New Fuel Serve Carbon-Hungry Vehicles?

Vehicles like aircraft, massive trucks, and ships require high-intensity propulsion fuels. These vehicles are heavy and need great horsepower to move. For this reason, they require a propellant that can generate enough power that can generate that amount of torque. Somehow, the power generated from renewable sources of energy was insufficient to complete the job. It is because of this reason the researchers have developed the new fuel.

According to Senior Researcher Jesper Ahrenfeldt, the fuel in the project has a single hydrogen atom. This atom is from solid Oxide Electrolysis Cell, which is further used to synthesize the liquid green fuel. With the new fuel, researchers are aiming to shred the burden from the shoulders of biomass and wind energy> Moreover, the new fuel can generate enough power that can make propulsion of heavy carbon hungry vehicles easy. The new project also aims to trim down the carbon footprint from the atmosphere making it better for the future.

The project has its roots in Denmark where both the renewable source of the energy plays a massive role in the development of the country.

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