Secrets of Longer Life Unveiled From Wrinkles of a Worm


A team of researchers states secrets of a healthier and longer life is available in wrinkles of Caenorhabditis elegans. The nematode is a transparent microscopic worm dwelling in the soil. Though, being a worm, the nematode has many genetic resemblances with mammals specifically humans. As per the study, the nervous system of the nematode controls the skin like exterior of the worm. This membrane protects the worm from getting an infection and allows it to live longer. Due to its similar genetics with humans, the nematode can be of great help in understanding the health of humans.

What Does the Study Tell About the Caenorhabditis Elegans?

According to Assistant Professor Jingru Sun, the study challenges conventional physical barriers such as worm’s cuticles and human skin. It was a popular belief that worm’s cuticle and human skin do not respond to infection. Rather they can stimulate a defense mechanism against these infections. She also states that nematodes can change the structure of their cuticle using their nervous system. This change is the defense mechanism of the worm against infections.

Scientists believe that by understanding this mechanism, it can be replicated in human beings. This shall help people to heal and cure themselves by fighting the pathogens causing infections. This study also helps the researchers to develop new drugs that can enhance the health of the human body helping it to live and survive longer. Additionally, the results of the study can help the healthcare sector to develop new drugs and therapeutics to cure several genetic disorders and even cancer. It is because of this study, numerous pharmaceutical companies now have resources to understand human genes even better and help mankind even more efficiently.

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