Electronic Sniffers to Determine the Health of the Dogs


Dogs are the most loyal animal humans can have as a pet. Once you give them your heart and they’ll protect it till their last breath. However, it gets difficult for humans to determine the health of these animals. For instance, if a dog gets infected by a sandfly, it is a daunting task to determine its health. The worst part is, this infection can transfer to humans which results in a painful death. The only way to stop this infection from spreading to humans is to put down the infected dog. However, post an intense brainstorming and ample amount of research and development, a team of researchers, led by Prof. Gordon Hamilton are joining hands with RoboScientific. This collaboration aims to develop a device that can analyze the breath of the dog determining whether it has the infection or not.

How can the New Device Help Save the Dogs?

The new device is called the electronic nose. It basically, sniffs the dog and based on its smell, it determines the health of the animal. The results from the test can allow people to start the treatment as soon as possible. This provides essential care to the dogs that can save its and its owners’ life. Studies show that the results from the new sniffer are 95% accurate.

According to Gordon, it is important to monitor their approach to identifying the sick dog is by the locals. It is easy to cure a sick dog that looks ill. However, the problem lies in sniffing the dogs that are sick but doesn’t look so. The pet owners can get highly offended that their dogs are put under scrutiny. Nevertheless, the e-sniffing test is simple, non-painful, and non-invasive. This eliminates the concerns from the pet owners about the physical well-being of the animal during the test.

The results from the device lay the foundation for a similar diagnosis for Leishmaniasis and malaria in humans.


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