Artificial Intelligence – Hitting the Bull’s Eye in Business Operations


The all-pervasive Artificial intelligence is the talk of the business circles and for obvious reasons. Not only is it a problem solving tool, but also it is growing by leaps and bounds. Besides, it provides organizations the panacea to woes related to human involvement such a time used. Additionally, it removes known decision making fallacies with some ease.

Thus, it does not come as a surprise that role of business intelligence in AI is crucial. And, thus, businesses, currently overlooking the same, needs a refocus on an urgent basis. Here, it looks like it is pertinent to point out that forward thinking companies are steadily investing into BI. And, to be honest the aim is quite clear – pulling AI with BI to extract insights, valuable and accurate.

How Does AI help Cull Out Data?

It is obvious for some to ask what is the role of BI software in data extraction through AI. Here, it is noteworthy that BI data is what gives critical information about the history and DNA of an organization. With this data, one can optimize decision making and thus, outcomes.

Such data is mostly site traffic, engagement stats, purchases, analytics of campaigns, KPIs and so on. AI, can prove, game changing in here. As, it can sift through tons of data, analyzing it down to the T in much less time than a group of humans can. And, the outcome is tailor made, effective decisions, free of human bias to a very large extent.

AI can also determine the best inputs for social media campaigns and engagements. For instance, it is capable of suggesting which colors, accessories and tonality works best now and what does not. It can also lead to better decisions relating to production processes. Again, for example, it can tell which fabrics are set to see popularity the next season.

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