Voice Technology and Business as Usual


Voice technology is the new cool kid on the block. With Amazon’s Alexa, and Google’s Assistant, the potential of this technology is up for everyone to see. Moreover, these big giants are betting big on voice technology and this is going to open a whole new can of opportunities and worms alike.

For example, recently Amazon announced that Alexa will provide objective news on politics soon. This is not just your daily announcement. There is something major in between the lines. A personal assistant has entered the personal space to talk about one of the most decisive and sensitive issues of our times. How will it impact the consumers? The experts say that no matter how objective the coverage is, eventually the news will divide people as it will be interpreted in partisan manner.

Furthermore, Google has also jumped into the fore with some sensational work of its own. Recently, Sunder Pichai showcased a voice-based technology to automate dinner reservations. During the demonstration, Google AI assistant spoke with a non-native speaker of English and booked a dinner reservation by understanding the small nuances within conversations. There was huge uproar as the demonstration ended. The live audience knew they had seen something special and they were waiting for their hands-on the new system.

Rise of AI in Marketing

And, they don’t have to wait too long to enjoy the best of the technology. Various AIs are already active on marketing platforms like Facebook. The conversationalist AI are already engaging consumers with fashion designs, choices, and also compliments to enthrall them. Furthermore, companies also benefit tremendously with the automation. For example, rising numbers of studies show that the young and techno-savvy population loves web-based help tutorials and guidance over customer care centers. And, it is not surprising to see why.

On one hand, web-based tools provide the much-needed on-the-go access to customer care. Moreover, these new solutions take-out the monotonous superficial and often malicious marketing out of the way. So, the question really is –why wouldn’t customers love at least a choice?

The voice technology will likely create more opportunities for marketing, sales, and drive considerable growth for businesses. However, the question really is – can all of us keep up with the AI?

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