Trucking Alliance Fights For More Technology in Drug Testing


Technology is expected to transform commercial trucking is we know it today. Automation is the hot-rod in this industry. From automation in driving, to monitoring, to detecting faulty components, automation is simply unescapable today. And, the director of Trucking Alliance is fighting for more changes in the industry.

According to Lane Kidd, the managing director, there are over 300,000 truck driver on the road today that will fail the drug test. Moreover, the drug testing leaves out 9 out 10 drivers regularly. So, he is wondering the same thing we are – if technology is such a boon for efficiency, why can’t it do the same for the safety of drivers?

In his conversation with Craig Fuller, the CEO of FreightWaves, he raised a lot of other issues to improve the safety of drivers. The conversation is a part of the special edition of “Fuller Speed Ahead” and the entire episode will be aired on TV soon.

The Trucking Alliance is more commonly known as The Alliance for Driver Safety & Security. Its board members include various prominent leaders in the transportation business. Some companies with a presence on the board include the Maverick USA, Cargo Transporters, J.B. Hunt Transport, and U.S Xpress Enterprises among others.

Insurance Remains a Key Concern Among Others

Kidd believes that truck carriers should be accountable to the public in the same manner that airliners are. He said, if 9 out 10 pilots missed drug tests, there would be a congressional hearing the next day. However, despite the availability of testing methods like hair testing, the industry often falls behind in raising the bar for safety.

He also vowed his support for high minimum insurance requirements, speed limiters, mandatory collision avoidance systems, and user-based taxes and fees. Moreover, he also pushed for more technology to reduce unnecessary burden for drivers. He told Craig fuller that only in the last few years, ELDs have been in use.

Moreover, he also pushed for higher minimum insurance. According to him, higher insurance requirements would amount to around 3.9 million today. However, these have also fallen behind the economy as a whole and inflation.

There is some relief in his words to those who care about driver safety. The national digital database for drivers will go up in January. Hopefully, this will help speed up detection for drug testing.

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