Scientists Identify the Memory Storing Neurons in Humans


Scientists at Columbia University School of Engineering and Applied Science have pinpointed the specific neurons responsible for memory. To locate these neurons, neuro engineers did an in-depth study of the patients with electrode implants in the brain. To derive the result, the researcher took the help of virtual reality technology. They examined the patient’s brain activities while they were looking at VR memory video. The study allowed the viewers to stimulate the neurons that were specifically responsible for memory storage. Using state of the art imaging systems, the researchers now know the precise location that of these neurons in the brain.

According to Joshua Jacobs, the leader of the study, declarative memory is the reason people are capable to remember things like their address and phone numbers. It is because of this memory, an experience such as visiting a new city always remains fresh in humans. During the study, researchers discovered that the neurons responsible for this type of memory are located in the entorhinal cortex (EC). It is one of the largest parts of the brain and controls all the vital activity of the human body.

Why is it Important to Locate the Memory Neurons?

According to Jacobs, Alzheimer’s disease is growing at a rapid rate these days. The disease largely affects the entorhinal cortex (EC) and leads to loss of memory. By knowing the location of memory neurons, scientists can understand how the disease affects the brain and neurons. With knowledge, scientists can develop new drugs that can largely or completely eradicate Alzheimer’s. Moreover, it can also help researchers to develop drugs that can help patients suffering amnesia to restore their memory and keep it from losing again.

With the results from this study, healthcare sector can improve its efficiency in treating neurological disorders. This shall further allow the patients to have a normal and decent life in future.

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