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Sophistication of Tools Define the Level of Human Progress and Wellbeing


Objects and human beings have had long-lasting affair. Sophisticated software and simple tools all comprise extensions of human bodies. The creation of sophisticated tools is a mark to trace human well-being and progress. As tools are so vital for our prosperity and existence, the techniques of interfacing have gained substantial significance.

The interface between machines and humans is very important that as soon as a brand new medium is developed with the capacity to revolutionize the current interface. Such a thing does not happen on a day to day basis.

 Voice Technology to Replace Touchscreen but not before Clearing Few Obstacles

 In the days of personal computers and laptops, mouse played a dominating role in the sector. However, it did not make any contribution toward the effective manipulation of mobile devices. Earlier attempts involved joystick and keyboard of blackberry devices. However, the ease of touchscreen led to discontinuation of mouse. The beauty of touchscreen made us let go of mouse quite easily.

Voice is an excellent input mechanism, just like touchscreen technology. When one utilizes the touchscreen to show up the best route from home or a place to a restaurant or theatre, the touchscreen itself does not outline the route itself. The app is activated once the icon on the touchscreen interface is pressed. It enables a service that figures out the best route for the owner of the device. Working on the same technology, voice is also capable of figuring out what could be the weather like on the next day or day after tomorrow.

 However, for voice mechanism to replace the touchscreen in our daily life, it has to overcome some technical hurdles on its way. While considering voice as the next interface for any of our apps, existing technological constraints need to be considered. This does not mean that they are not of great use for various apps, they are and will be more so but in times to come.

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