New Argonne Supercomputer Aurora can be the most Powerful System in the United States


Intel and the U.S. Department of Energy revealed that the most powerful computer ever developed in the US will be kept at Argonne National Laboratory in 2021. United States’ debut exascale computer, called Aurora will integrate exceptional processing power the increasing potential of AI to assist in solving the most essential & complicated scientific problems.

Being an exascale computer, Aurora will have the capability of one billion billion calculations every second. It is fifty times faster than current robust supercomputers. However, system’s impact is faster & increased data processing to new frontiers of scientific inquiry, supercharging advanced AI methods for identifying novel treatments for cancer, looking for dark matter, charting human brain & other huge advancement.

After the delivery, researchers will be capable to use Aurora with the help of leadership computing service areas at Argonne. It is the United States Department of Energy laboratory run by University of Chicago.

Argonne LLC’s chairman and President of University of Chicago Robert J. Zimmer stated that advancement of big-scale computation & development of AI as an efficient tool are developing increasing potential for cathartic discoveries in several fields that includes physics, medicine, and engineering. By getting Aurora to Argonne, it will offer researchers in the city and all over the globe with an ideal resource for scientific inquiry & advancement of crucial future technologies.

Paul Kearns who is Argonne National Laboratory’s director said that there is a huge scientific advantage to the country that comes through alliances like this one with Cray, Intel, Department of Energy, University of Chicago, and Argonne National Laboratory. The latest system is developed for next-generation AI & will boost scientific discovery by integrating high-performance computing & AI to deal with real world issues, such as enhancing extreme climate predictions, boosting medical treatments, charting human brain, creating new materials & comprehending the universe – it is just the start.

With the help of Early Science projects created to probe future competencies of Aurora, UChicago researchers in neurobiology, materials science, and cosmology have already started questioning latest discoveries, which is made possible with the new machine.

Argonne’s researcher and University of Chicago’s assistant professor of neurobiology, Narayanan Bobby Kasthuri said that the latest system will help them to discover new frontiers in machine learning & also AI. It will be the first time, scientists have come across a machine so powerful to compliment the computations that can be done by the brain.

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